Homework for Monday, August 5th


*READING:  Read for 20 minutes.

*The Summer Reading Challenge doesn’t end until Friday, August 16th so students still have time read and log their minutes into Biblionasium. 

*Please return any forms that were given out at Meet and Greet if you have not returned them.

*Bring in any missing school supplies.

Have a great evening!

What a Great Day!

WOW!  We have had a great day!  We started off by thinking about things that really matter to us and things we can’t live without.  We learned how to set up a Chess board and began to solve a Math Mystery.  Our House Sorting Ceremony was this afternoon.  All of the 5th graders were sorted into one of 6 houses.  Ask your student what house they are in and what their house name means.  We will soon be creating a house song or chant.  Professor Dumbledore from Hogwarts even paid us a visit!  It was a great way to end our first 2 days of school!

**If your student writes the name of their house in their agenda, they will receive one house point!  All they have to do is show us their agenda on Monday morning!

Coming Up for Next Week:

Next week, we will continue working on our rules and procedures.  We will also be setting up our notebooks.

READING:  We will start reading our first Oral Read.  Students should be looking for a REALISTIC fiction novel to read as go through our novel study.

WRITING:  We will write a letter to our future selves describing how we felt the first few days of school.  We will also begin our Grammar lessons.

SOCIAL STUDIES:  We will introduce the 12 States in the Southeast.   Students will be quizzed on the location of these states on Friday!

MATH:  We will be reviewing 4th grade skills and begin place value.

SCIENCE:  We will work on setting up our notebooks and studying the Scientific Method.


We hope you have a wonderful and restful weekend!  🙂

The First Day!

We had a wonderful first day today!  We did lots and lots of organizing and going over our routines and procedures.  The students were amazing!  They listened and followed directions very well!  We look forward to another great day tomorrow!


*Please return any forms that were given out at Meet and Greet if you have not returned them.

*Bring in any missing school supplies.

*STUDENTS- Remember to think of one word that represents something you stand for.  For example, Mrs. Pace stands for Kindness because I think we should be kind to everyone.


Have a great evening and we can’t wait to see our students tomorrow!  🙂