Multiplication Facts

If your child has difficulty with memorization, I understand that drilling them on multiplication facts can be painful. However, memorizing these facts is crucial for continued success in math. I found that working with children daily in a fun, rewarding way, they are able to master them in a short period of time and the nightly practice time can be decreased as the facts¬†are locked into¬†long-term memory. The following method has worked with every child we’ve had over the years.

  1. Invest in flash cards or you can make your own flash cards using index cards.
  2. Go through the cards with your child making two piles. Those facts they can instantly recall go in one pile and those they don’t know instantly go in another.
  3. Put the pile away that they know.
  4. Pick 3 cards from the “Not Know” pile. Keep these three handy. As the family is watching TV, flash those 3 during each commercial break.
  5. When your child knows these 3 cards, add another card from the “Not Know” pile. But don’t add too quickly. Be sure they can retain the facts for a couple of nights before adding more unknown facts to the practice pile.

You’ll be amazed how quickly your child begins to make the “Not Know” pile into the Know It Pile!

After they’ve shown you that they know these facts, then you can have them practice their speed with a written time test. Your child can bring a test home, set the kitchen timer for 5 minutes and practice!

The following links are sights where your child can practice their speed after you feel they’ve mastered the flashcards.

Without outside practice, your child will not be able to memorize these facts from math class alone. So please help them practice at home and encourage them to review facts periodically to keep them memorized