September News

Comprehensive Art is finishing up the pen and ink unit and will be starting the portrait unit which consists of a portrait rendered in graphite and a high contrast portrait.  Be thinking of the subjects you would like to use.

Drawing and Painting is completing the foreshortening unit and will begin the watercolor unit.

AP is working on a piece of art on an alternate surface.  Canvases range from maps to egg cartons to wood panels.

The next Art Club meeting will be Monday, September 17. We will be starting to work on our trunk for Trunk or Treat.  dues are $20.

To view more information on the Cobb County Visual Arts Program, you may access the Cobb County Visual Arts CTLS page at

Week of August 27th

Art Club will be meeting after school in the Art Room Monday August 27.

Comp- We will continue color theory as we move into watercolors this week.

D&P- The charcoal skull is due at the end of class Friday.

AP- Small group critiques on Monday and Breadth #3, working of alternative paper.

More August News

Art Club- What a great turn out we had for the first Art Club meeting this week!  Looking forward to seeing you all again at the next meeting August 27 at 3:30.

Next week:

Comp Art will finish the graphite value unit, put our pencils down, and jump into the world of color theory.

Drawing and Painting will finish the introduction of charcoal by finishing the fruit project.

AP- Your Breadth Piece#1, Drapery, and Breadth #2, Take a Walk in my Shoes should be complete by Friday.


Comp Art- We have spent the last few days understanding value and form, this week you will put your knowledge to the test in the first project, Pipes and Vines.

D&P- You will begin your final draft of the hallway drawing in 1pp on 12×18 paper in graphite.

AP- Breadth Assignment #1 Drapery.  Aim to finish this by next Monday as we will have the 1st class critique Monday, Aug 13.

Welcome Back!

I am so excited to start another year in the Art Room at SHS.  Throughout the semester, you may use this blog to keep up to date with assignment and artistic opportunities.

Comprehensive Art will be taking the Davis Drawing Assessment pre-test in the next few days to be followed by a post test at the end of the semester.  We will begin with the elements of value, shape and form in the first unit.  Be prepared to draw forms correctly based on their location in space and learn how to shade as if they were being effected by light.

Drawing and Painting will begin with a refresher in shading in graphite and recalling one point perspective in a hallway drawing.

AP is discussing College Board Portfolio requirements, viewing sample portfolios and beginning Breadth #1, Drapery in charcoal.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

More March News

Art Club will meet again on Monday, March 19 to finish decorations for the Special Needs Dance.  We need your help!

Comprehensive will be starting pen and ink techniques next week.

Drawing and Painting will be completing the acrylic paintings soon.  They are looking gorgeous!

Ceramics is beginning the mask (draping/ mold) assignment.

If you have not already chosen your work for the Art Show, pick soon.  We need to start hanging up work to prepare for the show.  Shout out to Mrs. Merriman and the Culinary Arts students that are preparing refreshments for the show.  I can’t wait to see you all there!

March News

The Annual SHS Art Show will be Tuesday, March 27 from 6:30-7:45.  Please mark your calendars!

Drawing and Painting is starting to work on an acrylic painting.  At this time, your ideas should be sketched out on the canvas and you should be working on the base coat.  Keep in mind using a local palette and dulling with complements.

Comprehensive is working on the Portrait Unit.  You should have obtained your two reference photos and started work on the high contrast piece.  We have discussed two artists: Andy Warhol and Shepard Fairey.

Ceramics class has been introduced to the potters wheel.  You should be completing the slab construction and signing up for your first wheel attempt.

Please contact me if you have any questions!