Almost Winter Break

Before we go on break…

Drawing and Painting will start working with charcoal.  You will be creating you own compositions for the next 2 projects.  If you want to include your own objects, please bring them in.

Ceramics will have the opportunity to start working on the potters wheel once you have watched Mrs. Palen demo.  Demonstrations will occur every day during this week.  You should be finishing your coil and contemplating ideas for your slab project.

End of January Updates

AP students, if you have not yet registered and plan to send in an AP Art Portfolio, please do so as soon as you can.  This should be done by Feb.21 at the latest.

Drawing and Painting 1- we are working on tempera batik portraits in class.

Drawing and Painting 2- continue working on your alternate surface project this week.

Ceramics- All pinch pots should be fired and you are working on coil construction.

Mid January Update


Students, enjoy the holiday weekend.  Upon our return to school:

Drawing and Painting will complete the perspective drawings in graphite AND begin the tempera batik.  Be on the lookout for interesting portrait references.

Ceramics students are working on coil construction.  Pinch pots are complete and drying.  Dried work will be bisque fired this week.

Spring Semester 2019

Welcome back to a new semester in the Visual Arts!

Drawing and Painting 1 &2 has started off by reviewing value, forms, shading forms, and perspective.

D&P 1 will be starting off with a 1 point perspective piece.  It is your choice to observe the hallway or bring in a reference image of your own.  This piece will be completed in graphite as softer (B) pencils are introduced.  If you are interested in using a blending stump for graphite, you may want to bring one in.

D&P 2 will be starting off with a 2pp piece of your choice.  As we look ahead, start thinking about a pair of your shoes that tell a story.

Ceramics is starting the semester off with learning the 3 basic hand building techniques: pinch, coil, and slab.  Currently, we are working on creating a piece using the pinch method either as a decorative container or sculptural base.  Materials you need are gallon size, re-sealable bags to store your work and a re-sealable container to store your slip.

I look forward to an amazing semester filled with learning, production, and creativity.  You can get in touch with me via email at

We are Almost There!

It’s the last week before Fall Semester Finals.  Please make sure that you are getting your final projects turned in for full credit.

Comprehensive: Ceramic Sculpture, Landmark Drawing, and Artist’s Choice.

Drawing and Painting: Acrylic Painting and Artist’s Choice.

AP- White on Black (scratchboard, prisma, or charcoal) and updated Inventory including titles, dimensions, and a cropped photograph.

Final Art Club meeting of the semester is 12/11/18; we will continue meetings Spring Semester.


Comp- We are starting to sculpt our clay sculpture this week.  The 2 view design is complete, and we will work daily to complete our work “in the round” focusing on creating true form and actual texture.

Drawing and Painting- The acrylic painting continues.  As the base coat is complete, we are now focusing on the final coat with transitions in color.  Blending will be the hardest part, but remember that the beauty to this medium is that it dries fast and mistakes can quickly be corrected with another layer.  Remember that we are focusing on using a local palette and using complementary colors to dull and darken.

AP- Complete the zipper piece and be thinking about your next Concentration idea.  Continue to photograph your artwork as you complete them and update your inventories!

Art Club will meet again Monday, December 3.

November 12-16

Hey Everyone.  Art News:

Comp- This week we will finish the Repetition project (cards) and introduce clay as a medium. Sculpting will start when we return from the break.

Drawing and Painting- Don’t forget the 16×20 canvas.  We will start painting on our canvases this week and will continue the week we return from the break.  This is our first acrylic painting, so we are going to take our time and make some beautiful work ready to hang up on the walls of your home.

AP- What an amazing field trip to The High Museum last week!!!  This week we will have small group critiques of the Deconstruction assignment and start a new Breadth due when we return from break.  I am so inspired from the museum, I am ready to do art now!!

End of the 3rd 9 Weeks

Wow!  I cannot believe that we are approaching the 4th 9 weeks.  Grades are being finalized, so please turn in any late work.

Comp is finishing 2 point perspective and will begin working with repetition.

Drawing and Painting is continuing the Printmaking Unit.  As students finish carving their linoleum printing plate, a series of five prints will be created.

Advanced Placement will be having the next small group critique next Monday.  Get your field trip forms turned in if you have not already.