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Our Foundation funds three positions:  Literacy Consultant, Tech Coordinator, and STEAM Assistant.  Each of the three Foundation-Funded staff members are vital to the operation of our school and maximize instructional time.

  • Jill Hawes – Literacy Consultant

Jill Hawes provides literacy support to all teachers and manages critical aspects of professional learning and literacy instruction.  Mrs. Hawes is available to all teachers as a professional learning coach.  Teachers seek her out to model lessons, to have her watch lessons, and to provide critical feedback on how to improve literacy instruction.  Jill plans and provides all content during TPV release time.  This year, we are focusing on how to differentiate learning during Writing Workshop.  Differentiation means preparing to move each writer forward – based on their current level of performance.  Jill has guided teachers in creating Conferring Tool Kits, and will continue to work to coach teachers to run effective strategy groups.  It is truly a gift to have a literacy expert at Mt. Bethel who not only is able to tell our staff how to grow readers and writers, but is able to show them!  I’d encourage you to check out her blog Life is Literacy! to access great resources: .

  • Carolyn Cooper – Technology Coordinator

Carolyn Cooper helps maximize teachers’ instructional time.  She is on-call tech support.  Teachers reach out whenever a device is not working, and Carolyn comes to the classroom and helps to troubleshoot so the teacher can keep teaching.  With the recent addition of 75” Recordex Flatpanel Touch Screens, Mrs. Cooper has worked side-by-side with the CCSD team to make sure she is up to speed and can assist teachers after installation.  Mrs. Cooper manages all of our online databases (there are MANY) and prints required reports for teachers.

One of the aspects of life in a school is that multiple assessments (including the Georgia Milestones) are administered online.  Mrs. Cooper assists administration to ensure that all aspects of testing run smoothly and that instructional time/high stakes testing time is not lost due to technology issues.

It is rare that our technology is not working seamlessly and that a teacher’s plans go awry based on a technology glitch – because Carolyn Cooper arrives on the scene in minutes to help and troubleshoot.  I’d encourage you to check out her blog Buccaneer Bytes to access great resources: .

  • Melissa Pumpain – STEAM Assistant

Melissa Pumpian is on call to assist our Art, Music and STEM Labs.  On any given day, you may find her running from one end of the building to the other.  She preps and delivers all materials for our school-wide STEM Days, uploads images and information to Artsonia in music and assists in Music class.  Her hands-on and administrative assistance ensures that our Art, Music, and STEM Teachers can focus fully on preparing quality STEAM lessons!


Foundation Website:

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