Week of April 23rd-27th

Our ABC countdown has begun! Students may bring in a Favorite book to share on Wednesday, wear Green on Thursday and dress Hawaiian on Friday. Don’t forget to send in your child’s permission form for the zoo trip in May. Parents can prepay with us for a reduced cost of $10.00, but must be sent this week. The Art Show is this Thursday after school. 

This week the rocket scientists will be …

  • Practicing subtraction strategies within 10
  • Noticing the differences and similarities between two books
  • Writing teaching books 
  • Enjoying a visit from a local dairy farm
  • Visiting a first grade class to see what it will be like next year

Week of April 16th-20th

We had an exciting week back from the break. We learned much from a firefighter, and enjoyed “The Cat in the Hat” at the Center for Puppetry Arts. We also completed our “All About” writing unit.

** Please be advised that we the Lost and Found closet will be cleaned out on Friday, April 20th. If you need to check that closet for belongings, please do so before Friday morning.

** Student Re-Enrollment forms were sent home on Monday. Thanks to everyone who completed both sides and returned to school. If you have not, please do so by Monday. Thanks!

This week the Rocket Scientists will be…

  • Solving addition story problems within 10 using different strategies
  • Telling our address, city, state and country from memory
  • Writing about safety in the classroom
  • Launching our “How to” writing unit
  • Talking about ways we care for the earth
  • Determining the main idea and retelling key details in non-fiction text

Week of April 9th-13th

I hope everyone has had a wonderful spring break. It will be good to see and work with the students again! PLEASE SAVE THE DATE: We will be having our Mother’s Day Tea on the morning of May 14th. We hope all moms will plan to attend this special event!

This week, the rocket scientists will be …

  • Adjusting our schedule a bit in order to support the upper grades as they participate in Milestones testing Tuesday-Thursday
  • Enjoying a visit from a local firefighter and learning safety tips
  • Asking and answering questions about non-fiction books
  • Solving addition problems within 10
  • Publishing our All About books
  • Distinguishing between living and non-living things
  • Attending a puppet show on our field trip to The Center for Puppetry Arts on Friday

WOW! We are going to be busy!

Week of March 26th-30th

I would like to thank everyone for the beautiful flowers and kind cards you gave me last week! You made my birthday very special! We will have a busy week leading up to spring break.

This week, the rocket scientists will be…

  • Completing our All About writing unit
  • Comparing numbers and programming the Bee Bot to find numbers that are greater than or less than
  • Learning about oviparous animals
  • Hunting for non-fiction text features

Week of 19th-23rd

Congratulations to the students on a fantastic performance on Thursday! Quarter 3 report card will be sent home on Wednesday. Please keep the report card copy, then sign and return the envelope. 

This week the rocket scientists will be…

  • Identifying non-fiction text features and using them in our own “All About” writing
  • Counting forward from a given number withing 100, counting sets to 20
  • Adding to our knowledge about the wind
  • Recognizing how many syllables are in a word

Week of 12th-16th

Don’t miss the Gettin’ Down with Mama Goose program this Thursday at 8:30 in the Cafe. Our class will receive their field trip shirts at school to wear during the program. We will be standing on the stage to the left. Bring your invitation (sent home last week on light blue paper) to come in with out computer check in at the door. Parking will be at a premium because this includes all kindergarten classes. Parking in the bus lane may be available.

Students will be released early (beginning at 12:20) on Wednesday this week.

The front office staff has asked that anyone coming to have lunch with your student, who is not on your child’s list of those approved for checkout to send in a written note alerting us to your plans. This will make check in quicker. 

This week, the rocket scientists will be … 

  • Reviewing our quarter 3 math skills
  • Discovering features of non-fiction text
  • Beginning our “All About” writing unit

Week of March 5th-9th

Did you receive your INVITATION to our “Gettin’ Down With Mama Goose” program? Please be sure to check for the light blue invitation to our program that was sent home on Friday. It will also be a ticket to get into the building without the check-in line. The program is next Thursday morning the 15th in the Cafe. You won’t want to miss it!

This week, the rocket scientists’ will be…

  • Solving subtraction word problems
  • Using “l blends” (bl, cl, gl, fl) to make new words
  • Learning how to use maps. Make sure your child still knows his address
  • Retelling with details and making connections to what we read
  • Enjoying a school-wide STEM day

Week of February 26th-March 2nd

I hope everyone has had a wonderful time with family this past week. I am looking forward to seeing the students again! This week, we will be visited by the Tooth Fairy, and celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday on Friday. If you have completed your child’s Six Flags Read to Succeed form, please return it on Monday.

This week the Rocket Scientists will be …

  • Learning the meaning and process of subtraction
  • Celebrating black history month and learning about dental health
  • Making text to self and text to text connections to the stories we read
  • Editing, publishing and celebrating the “Small Moment” stories we have written

Week of February 12-14th

It was wonderful to see many of our families represented at the International Festival on Saturday! Mr. Reese and I enjoyed delicious food and wonderful entertainment. We cannot wait until next year!

Please remember to send in your child’s Valentine cards no later than Wednesday morning!

This week the rocket scientists will be…

  • Using strategies to solve story problems
  • Marking C.V.C words with a BREVE 
  • Retelling stories with greater detail and talking about character and setting
  • Celebrating Valentine’s day and Mrs. Smith’s birthday
  • Writing more small moment stories

Week of February 5th-9th

We have some exciting things happening this week in our class! Ms. O’Connor, the author of the “Fancy Nancy” series will visit us on Thursday and talk about her writing process. In honor of this visit, we encourage everyone to dress “FANCY” on Thursday.

A new Scholastic Book Order is coming home Monday. If you would like to order, please do so by Thursday the 8th. I will place the order that evening. 

East Side Elementary will be holding the International Festival this Saturday from 4-6. I plan to be there and hope to see many of you as well!

This week the rocket scientists will be…

  • Representing addition to 5 with number sentences
  • Learning about President’s Day and preparing for Valentine’s Day activities next week
  • Using a rubric to make our writing easier to read
  • Using our super powers to read even more challenging books