Week of November 12th-16th

Monday STEM lab  
 Tuesday PE  
Wednesday Guidance  
Thursday Art  
Friday PE  


*Sight words: long, very, along, two, last

* Our class will be visiting the book fair on Tuesday from 9:15-9:35. If you would like to shop with your child during the day, you are welcome to check in and meet us at the media center. It was wonderful to celebrate and honor our veterans on Friday, and it was great to see so many who “belong” to the Rocket Scientist class. We are so proud of you!

*This week the Rocket Scientists will be:

  • Finding the main idea and supporting details in non-fiction text
  • Visiting the Book Fair on Tuesday at 9:15
  • Identifying and writing words with the glued sounds: -ing, -ang, -ung, -ong
  • Working with the meaning of the equal sign
  • Sharing our How To books
  • Making pizza on Thursday and Friday

I will miss the students next week. I wish you all a safe and meaningful Thanksgiving holiday!

 ~Mrs. Reese

Week of November 5th-9th

Monday Computer lab  
 Tuesday   No school
Wednesday Music  
Thursday PE  
Friday Maker Space  


*Sight words: most, are, think, look, this

Thank you so much to our great room parents who put together our fall centers. We had a great time on Wednesday! Unfortunately, we were not able to make pizza Thursday and Friday, but we plan to reschedule soon. We look forward to honoring our veterans this Friday and enjoying a STEM project that afternoon.

**Please remember that students do not have school this Tuesday, Election Day.

 *This week the Rocket Scientists will be:

  • Finding the main idea and supporting details in non-fiction text
  • Identifying and writing words with the glued sounds: ink, ank, onk, unk
  • Working with the meaning of the equal sign
  • Publishing our How To books
  • Learning what makes sound and making our own emergency alarms on school-wide STEM day: Friday afternoon

November is my favorite month because it is a time when we all think and talk about all we have to be thankful for, and I am very thankful for my students and their wonderfully supportive families!

 ~Mrs. Reese

Week of October 29th- November 2nd

Monday Stem lab  
 Tuesday PE  
Wednesday Guidance  
Thursday Art  
Friday PE  


*Sight words: your, from, of

We had a wonderful time at Xdrenaline on Wednesday. Hopefully you have been able to see some of the pictures on Shutterfly. Many thanks to our parent chaperones! Students created monsters with pool noodles and golf tees in a STEM challenge on Friday, and couldn’t have done it without Mr. Cortes cutting the noodles to the size we needed.

 *This week the Rocket Scientists will be:

  • Posting non-fiction text features to See Saw
  • Identifying and writing words with beginning blends: cr, tr, dr etc.
  • Working with the meaning of the equal sign, and place value in math centers
  • Continuing to write “How To” books
  • Learning about the life of Benjamin Franklin: his contributions, character traits, and how the place and time he lived influenced him
  • Enjoying Fall Centers on Wednesday afternoon
  • Making pizza in the East Side café on Thursday and Friday

~Mrs. Reese

Week of October 22nd-26th Red Ribbon Week

Monday PE Wear red
 Tuesday Computer lab Crazy hair, hat or socks
Wednesday Music Wear your field trip shirt
Thursday PE Wear favorite team shirt or colors
Friday Maker Space Dress as a super hero


*Sight words: said, when, saw

It was so great to meet with all of you during conference week. The students are learning so much, and I know you are very proud! We made our first post to the SeeSaw digital journal, so you can use your personal QR code to see your student’s work. This week is RED Ribbon week. Take note of the red sheet they brought home on Friday to know how students can participate! We will be going to Xdrenaline on Wednesday. Please remember to wear your class shirt (also sent home on Friday). ** If you choose to dress as a super hero on Friday, make sure it is something that won’t keep you from participating in regular school activities.

 *This week the Rocket Scientists will be:

    • Recognizing the features of non-fiction text
    • Identifying and writing words with beginning blends: sl, sk, sn, sm, etc.
    • Writing and representing numbers to 120 and finding patterns on the 120 chart
    • Becoming teaching authors as we begin writing “How To” books
    • Learning about the life of Benjamin Franklin: his contributions, character traits, and how the place and time he lived influenced him.

It was great to see many of you at the Fall Festival. Don’t forget to post any pictures you may have taken on our Shutterfly page.

~Mrs. Reese

Week of October 15th-19th

Monday Maker Space  
 Tuesday STEM lab  
Wednesday PE  
Thursday Guidance  
Friday Art  


*Sight words: how, say, back, may, went

It is conference week, and I look forward to meeting with everyone! * Our lunch (brunch) time this week is 9:18-9:48. Please contact me through email if you have had any last minute changes. Thanks to all parents for helping your student work for shopping money. They had a great time shopping!

Our class will be enjoying:  SPIDER WEEK

*This week the Rocket Scientists will be:

  • Getting super smart about non-fiction topics
  • Learning when to use “curvy C” and “stick straight K”
  • Representing numbers to 120 in different ways
  • Launching a new “How to” writing unit
  • Participating in many spider activities: art, reading, writing, engineering and even snacking

~Mrs. Reese

Week of October 8th-12th

Monday Art  
 Tuesday PE  
Wednesday Computer  
Thursday Music Early Release Buses begin loading at 12:20
Friday PE  


*Sight words: your, well, off, has, had

We have some exciting things planned this week! We will see the Science Guy on Tuesday morning in the café. We will be shopping at the 1st grade Eagle’s Nest, so don’t forget to have your child work for fifty cents by Wednesday morning. Please send the money with the note attached explaining what they did to earn it. This is a very important part of the activity. We have an early release day on Thursday.

**The East Side Foundation’s Capital Campaign continues this week. I have personally benefited from Foundation support through professional development as well as classroom materials and ipad apps that our we use regularly, not to mention access to RAZ kids!

 *This week the Rocket Scientists will be:

  • Practicing strategies for solving tricky words
  • Continuing to practice the FLOSS rule
  • Using number lines, 10 frames, counting on/back, pictures and fact families to solve math problems
  • Using non-standard measurement with our pumpkin
  • Publishing and celebrating our small moment stories
  • Shopping at the first grade Eagle’s nest on Wednesday

The following week is conference week. (October 15th– 19th) Everyone has signed up for a time and I am looking forward to meeting with you all!

1st Grade loves East Side Foundation!

Dear Parents,


We are so fortunate to have a Foundation here at East Side. As you may know, the Capital Campaign fundraiser is happening now!


The Foundation gives us the ability to request materials and trainings to make East Side Elementary THE place to teach and learn! The first grade team would like you to know how much we appreciate your donations and support. Your generosity makes all the difference!


What has the Foundation already funded? Here are a few!


  • First graders have personal dry erase boards, Ozobots for coding activities, QuickWord resource books for writing, and educational apps for iPads.
  • Our teachers have received amazing trainings including: Orton-Gillingham, Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop, and Greg Tang Math.
  • The Foundation funds two collaboration days during the school year for grade levels to plan instruction.
  • Our students love the Maker Space which is funded by the Foundation!
  • Flexible seating in the media center that allows for students to work in different spaces.


Click to access the Foundation website for more information and to make a donation! The Foundation is asking each family for a donation of $75 per child; however, any donation amount gets us towards our goal.


As a bonus, the Foundation is even offering class rewards for participation rates. Oooh la la!


Thank you,

The First Grade Team

Week of October 1st-5th Welcome Back!

Monday PE  
 Tuesday Maker Space  
Wednesday STEM Lab  
Thursday PE  
Friday Guidance  


*Sight words: will, them, saw, tell, then

Welcome back! I cannot wait to hear all about the wonderful experiences the students had during the week off. Before the break, students were becoming accustomed to logging what they read each night in their Read Every Day folders. Keep up the good work! It will also be helpful to have your child practice naming and locating their continent, country, state, county and city on a map. They will bring home a booklet on Monday that can help with review. Students will have their hearing and vision screened on Tuesday. We would like to thank Ms. Stovall for being our celebrity reader. She was a big hit!

**Please remember to sign up for a conference time as soon as possible. If you have not received the sign up genius link I sent, please email me so I can get that to you!

 *This week the Rocket Scientists will be:

  • Practicing strategies for solving tricky words
  • Learning the FLOSS rule to know when to add extra letters to words
  • Becoming more fluent with our addition facts to make 10
  • Adding to our small moment stories by finding out how to “hook” our readers
  • Learning about earning and spending money, and finding out how to make difficult choices when saving and spending

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone!

~Mrs. Reese