Foundation Capital Campaign

Did you know the Foundation is paying for me to attend a workshop for helping kids read nonfiction books? I’ll be attending it next month, and I’m so excited to gain more knowledge in helping our East Side readers in this area! I appreciate all they do to support our classrooms!

Foundation Capital Campaign

The Foundation is one week into its Capital Campaign. Have you donated yet? They are requesting a minimum, tax-deductible donation of $75 per student. This year they have new classroom incentives based on donor participation. One of them is the first classroom to achieve 100% participation will be the first class to play on the new turf field being funded by the Foundation. Note that all donations received from May 1, 2018 through Oct. 12, 2018 are included in these incentives. Please visit their website to donate today and for more information about their incentive levels at


I hope everyone enjoyed fall break as much as I did! We are trying to get back in the swing of things here, but we’ve had field trips, Ellis Island, book buddies, etc. I haven’t seen the students as much as I would have liked this week, but next week hopefully we will have every day together!

Here is what we’ve been working on:

3rd Grade Writing– The students continue to work on writing personal narratives. They are trying to incorporate all they’ve learned about good writers into their stories. We are also working on properly spacing our letters and words to make it easier for readers to enjoy our stories. We are using special paper to help with it.

4th Grade Math– We have focused the past few weeks on addition and subtraction word problems. After reading the word problem, the students decide if they’re combining two smaller parts to make a whole or if they’re separating by beginning with an amount and then action decreases that amount. They’ve learned that combining means add and separating tells them to subtract.  Please make sure your child is practicing nightly at home.

4th Grade Writing– The students are writing personal narratives while remembering to include all the components of narrative writing they’ve learned this nine weeks. My group worked on choosing spots in our story and asking, “What else happened?” Then we used sticky notes to go in and add details that would help clear up confusion for our reader.

5th Grade Reading- The students have finished their first book club book and a culminating activity. They have picked their next book, and I’m looking forward to seeing their comprehension grow as they discuss their book with their classmates.

5th Grade Math– Last week we finished up multiplying three digit numbers by two digit numbers. Then we moved into multi-digit division. We reviewed different strategies the students learned in fourth grade and have now moved on to the standard algorithm for long division.

5th Grade Writing– The students continue working on narrative writing. We have worked on exploding the moment to really add detail to students’ writing.


I have been working with students for several weeks now. Unfortunately, due to testing and some teacher trainings, I have missed some groups here and there. When we get back from our September break we should be on our regular schedule! The good news is I’ve learned wonderful strategies at my trainings that I can’t wait to implement in my teaching!

Here is what we’ve been working on:

3rd Grade Writing– The kids have been working on writing personal narratives. We spent a lot of time generating many ideas for our stories and narrowing down broad topics. The students have been writing their drafts and revising to  elaborate on the heart of the story, create engaging hooks, and to model their writing after mentor authors.

4th Grade Math– We kicked off our time together by reviewing place value and rounding. We have moved into addition and subtraction with regrouping. We reviewed the strategies they learned last year and also introduced the standard algorithm. We will continue to work on these concepts while also bringing in word problems. We will look at the different structures of word problems and using the CUBES strategy to solve. (I will post more about this later.) After the September break the students are going to be working daily in my group to master math facts. This will be differentiated as some students are working on subtraction facts and others are on multiplication, etc. Please make sure your child is practicing nightly at home.

4th Grade Writing– The students are working very hard to write fantasy narratives. They had a lot of fun taking every day ideas and putting a fantasy twist into their stories. We’ve worked together to develop more details by using graphic organizers to assist in the writing process. They are currently revising their writing by adding sensory details to help the reader make a movie in their mind!

5th Grade Reading- The students are participating in book clubs and seem to really enjoy it. We are working on having productive meetings where the kids are responding to one another’s ideas. We are also working on responding to reading in our writing. The kids are learning strategies to help them be successful in sharing their knowledge and ideas about a book.

5th Grade Math– We also have reviewed place value and addition/subtraction. The kids have been very successful and I’m pleased with how much they remember from last year! We worked on order of operations and learned PEMDAS. Some students still get confused with multiplication/division and addition/subtraciton being interchangeable as far as order. We will continue to review this. We are moving into multidigit multiplication now. We will focus on using the box method or the standard algorithm.

5th Grade Writing– The students are currently drafting personal narratives. We’ve had a lot of lessons on noticing characteristics of narrative writing from mentor texts and done a lot of brainstorming. We will be taking these pieces through the full writing process, and I look forward to the final product!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer! I enjoyed spending time with my husband, baby, and of course Louie, my dog! I am looking forward to seeing you on Monday at Eagle Day. We are going to have a great year!

December Happenings

December will fly by with holiday parties, field trips, and special activities! Here is what we’re working on and what we plan to work on in the upcoming weeks!

3rd Grade Reading:

Today we finished up our c vs k unit. The students learned that when we hear the /k/ sound at the beginning of the word we think about the vowel that follows the sounds. If it is an a, o, or u then the /k/ sound is a c. If it is an e or i then the /k/ sound is a k. We also spent just a couple lessons on ck coming at the end of a word after a short vowel is heard. We will spend the rest of the week working on a new rule. Y says i at the end of a one syllable word and y says e at the end of a two syllable word.

3rd Grade Math:

We have been working on using the distributive property to solve difficult multiplication facts. We focused on using manipulatives to create arrays and break them apart. Next we will work on writing out the equations.

3rd Grade Writing:

The children continue to use their research to draft their nonfiction pieces. The kids have worked really hard on putting the research into their own words rather than copying. Soon we will be editing and revising these pieces.

4th Grade Reading:

We have been working on nonfiction text structures. The students should be able to identify texts that show description, cause/effect, problem/solution, chronological order, and compare/contrast.

4th Grade Writing:

The students are working on gathering research for their colonies group project. They have to write a paragraph using one of the nonfiction text structures for their given topic.

What We’re Up To

3rd Grade Reading:

We have finally finished up our sneaky e or magic e unit. The kids enjoyed ending the unit by brainstorming words that fit this rule and writing them on turkey feathers to make magic e turkeys. Through our dictations I noticed that a lot of students have forgotten the rule for using c vs. k. That will be the next rule we work on.

3rd Grade Math:

We finished up division strategies and reviewed addition and subtraction through word problems. This week we worked on multiplying by multiples of 10.

3rd Grade Writing:

The students continue to work on their nonfiction pieces. This week we really concentrated on how to put an author’s words into our own words rather than copying. We continue to work on how to generate ideas and recognize where periods belong in their writing.

4th Grade Reading:

4th grade has been very busy recently with field trips, Adventures in Art, etc so I haven’t seen them as much as normal. We finished up our unit on magic e/sneaky e. We are starting to work on nonfiction text structures.

4th Grade Writing:

The students are working on informational pieces about being thankful. We worked on brainstorming ideas and developing those ideas with relevant details.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Ending October

It was so nice to meet so many of you at conferences last week. Unfortunately, with the number of students I see it is impossible to coordinate the times of everyone’s schedules. If I didn’t make it to your conference, please always feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about your child’s progress.

Here’s what we’ve been working on and what we’re going to be working on next week:

3rd Grade Reading

We have been working on sneaky e and learning how it comes at the end of words and doesn’t make a sound. It steals the short vowel sounds from the words and makes the vowels shout A-E-I-O-U.

We are also working on our fluency using the Seesaw App! Soon I will send home information that includes how you can listen to your child practice their fluency via the app.

For comprehension, we have moved into nonfiction and are learning how to find the main idea of a text by looking for words that repeat. Then we find details to support the main idea. We show our main idea and details using boxes and bullets.

3rd Grade Math

We are deep into learning division strategies. This week we focused on making equal groups and next week we will work on using repeated subtraction.

3rd Grade Writing

The kids brainstormed chapter ideas for their nonfiction books. We worked on using different strategies to organize the information in our heads onto paper.

4th Grade Reading

We finally wrapped our phonics unit of ay vs ai. Next week we’ll work on ‘e’ at the end of words and how it changes vowel sounds. We are working in book clubs to determine fiction text structure. One of my groups has moved onto nonfiction.

4th Grade Writing

The kids are finishing up their drafts of realistic fiction stories. This week we worked on really developing the details and clearing up confusion of left out details in stories. I am seeing a lot of improvement in their writing from the last piece!

What We’re Up To

3rd  Grade Reading-

We have continued to work on long a vowel teams of ai and ay. The kids learned sail away to help them remember that ai usually comes at the beginning and middle of a word and ay comes at the end of words.

We also started working on comprehension by identifying characters, setting, problem, and solution in books we read together and independently.

3rd Grade Math

We have continued to work on solving one step word problems with only addition and subtraction. We will move into two step word problems soon.

We began learning about multiplication as repeated addition. We learned how to use arrays and equal groups to solve multiplication problems.

4th Grade Reading

We continue working on vowel teams.

We are also doing book clubs to begin delving into our reading comprehension. We are using graphic organizers to help us keep up with our chapter books.

Welcome Back from Fall Break!

I hope everyone had a great fall break! We are ready to get back into the swing of things in EIP. Here is what we will be working on in the upcoming weeks.

3rd Grade Reading– We will continue to work on vowel sounds in words. The students have done very well with distinguishing between long and short vowels when hearing words, and we are working on them applying the rules they know into reading and spelling words.

We will move into vowel teams this week starting with vowel teams that make the long a sound.

3rd Grade Math- We will review subtraction with the strategy of counting up on a number line. I find that counting up is easier and students make less mistakes than when counting back on a number line.

This week we will focus on word problems and using the CUBES strategy to help us understand what problems are asking us to do.

4th Grade Reading- We will be working on vowel teams and learning how to apply them when reading and writing. This week we are working on long a vowel teams.


Testing Schedules

Due to third grade testing this week and next (and my proctoring for first grade and fifth grade), I am unable to see my third graders for reading and writing. We will pick back up after testing has finished! I’m excited to get into a routine and get going on implementing Orton Gillingham.

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