Monday, Nov 12

Warm Up: Why is it important to know about prefixes? Lesson: We learned about prefixes in Readers Journey pgs. 108-109. Then we worked on 2.3 Reinforcement and 2.3 Extention. This was turned in for a grade.   Don’t forget, the AOW – Rats is due tomorrow.

Friday, Nov. 9

Warm-Up: 1st Period: Teach One Lead One, 2nd -7th: How do you show integrity at school? Lesson: Students read a short story, “Surfing’s Dynamic Duo” on pgs. 105-107 in Reader’s Journey. Then students worked on the Prediction worksheet (2.2 Reinforcement and 2.2 Extension), and turned it in for a grade.   Students also turned in […]

Thursday, Nov 8

Warm Up: When you read, do you predict what is about to happen? Why is this important? Lesson: Students watched a short video, The Paperboy, making predictions about what was going to happen next. We then worked on pgs. 102-104 in Reader’s Journey making predictions as we read about a student overcoming the odds to […]

Wednesday, Nov 7

Warm Up: Why is it important to do pre-tests? Lesson: Students took a pre test on Unit 2 to show prior knowledge on key concepts. Also, students received a packet of missing work for them to complete. All missing assignments from the first 1/2 of Quarter 2 will be due Friday.

Monday, Nov 5

Warm Up: Is it important to do good things even when nobody is watching? Lesson: Today, some students did test corrections while others went to the media center to either find a new Reading Counts book or to read quietly. **Notes** Please note that the end of the 4 and half weeks is this Friday. […]

Friday, Nov 2

Warm Up: What is one way you can study for a test? Lesson: Today, students were given some spooky pictures of locations and building. On the graphic organizer, they wrote down sensory details as if they were at the location within the picture. Then using those sensory details, they wrote a short scary story on […]

Thursday, Nov 1

Warm Up: None. You reviewed for your test today. Lesson: Unit 1 test. Due: Please check Synergy to see if you are missing any assignments. All assignments taken up for a grade can be found on previous entries on the blog.

Wednesday Oct 31

Warm Up: Diagram the following sentence: The young child got candy.    Today, students worked in groups to review for the test tomorrow. Students used the modified Freyer’s Model to write about the 6 major points that will be found in the test: Author’s Purpose – the author’s main purpose for writing. The author must […]

Tuesday Oct 30

Warm Up: Diagram the following sentence: The ball hit the boy.    Today, students continued to work on pronouns and their antecedent and on who and whom. Students will turn this in for a grade. pronouns-and-antecedents Students turned in their AOW_School today for a grade. New Article of the week has been passed out today. This will […]

Monday Oct 29

Today, students started the day with the Warm Ups question: Why is it important to know parts of speech for reading? Then students worked on questions 1-10 on the Pronouns worksheet.   Reminders: Reading Counts quiz is due tomorrow. AOW_School is due tomorrow. I have taken up the following assignments for grades: 1.13 worksheets (1.13 […]