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I’m a Cobb County Educator from East Cobb Middle School. I live in Kennesaw, GA with my wife and two sons. We have a dog named Teddy who looks like a Fox. I’m an avid Science Fiction reader. My hobbies include Camping, Hiking, my Car, and antique furniture. My Club at East Cobb is the largest  – the Anime Club. We watch Programs, Draw, discuss Cosplay, Games, Food and Music.

Come See me in action!             My 12th Year Teaching in Cobb!

Mr. Shively’s Email Contact: Andrew.shively@cobbk12.org


  1. samuelsalley says:

    Hey Mr.shively, its me samuel. Remember when you said that you want me to pass and that you would help me if i need anything. Well can you please help me with my grade because I really want to get A-B honoral or better A honoral. So can you please help me with my grades because its one if my goals, & i gotta get pass my goal so i can get passed it and make a new one.
    PS. Samuel-Salley.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mr.shively it’s me Jesse I just wanted to say thank you for giving me a second chance.

  3. jorge sanchez says:

    Hello Mr.shively this is Jorge my parents were wondering if u can give me your phone number to contact them from there . Thank you have a nice day.

  4. samuelsalley says:

    Mr.shively this is samuel i just wanted to ask if there is something going wrong with the test scores, why is the grade coming down?

  5. samuelsalley says:

    Mr.Shively please help me ive been looking on my grades daily because i want my grades to come up and if they dont come up my mom is going to be beat me just because she feels like it please help if i have bad things on ym report card again i want be able to go home please ive been trying my hardest but i just dont know what it is thats making me hold my grades back please help

  6. samuelsalley says:

    ill do anything i swear i just want to be able to prove that im smart to people & have good grades & not get beat for once from my mom please help ill do anything

  7. Anonymous says:

    Bring my grade up now please and thank you

  8. Anonymous says:

    Heyyy Mr.Shively

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