Vol 4 Travelers Advisory 10.23.17

This year, I am a very lucky teacher.  I had 100% parent participation and I want to take a minute and say Image result for thanksfor coming to conferences!  It truly takes a team to get them where we want them to be and it was nice to see you again!

WooHoo!  We are on a regular schedule this week!

Are you ready for the   on Friday?  Most of the class is bringing a lunch from home. Please remember that nothing from your child’s sack lunch will be coming home so make sure that everything is disposable.  Also, please write your child’s name on their bag.

We are taking our spelling test before we leave for . This week’s Image result for spellingwords are make, take, rage, stage, place, scale, with, does, home, here.

I am increasing the comprehension requirements in the homework over the next couple of weeks. Please continue to ask those 5 W questions to ensure they are getting it.  

:    Pack your  !    have been reissued!!

Our next adventure sends us across the ocean to a tropical location that was featured in a kids movie.  It has lots of Toucans, parrots and beaches.  A place where everything stops for soccer, and also host the last Summer Olympics! That’s right we are headed to Image result for south america map.  Tourist to be announced Monday – so be sure to check back. 

We are finishing sound this week and I asked the class to bring an empty toilet paper roll so we can make instruments by Wednesday.  Thanks to those that have already brought them. 


Enjoy the weekend!

Vol 4 Travelers Advisory 10.16.17

Image result for parent conferenceare this week. Please be at the bus stop 2 hours early as dismissal is at 12:20.


Image result for homework clipart Yes, there is homework this week and your children should have plenty of time to complete the homework packet.  I put a few extra pages in to keep your children on track.  They are still required to read at least 30 minutes a night and this is the perfect time for them to get on Raz Kids to practice those skills!  The homework packet is due on Friday.


Image result for no snack actually all this week. Lunch is at 10:09!   

There is Image result for no spelling this week and there will not be a Tourist of the week due to conferences.  Things will return to normal next week.  


This week you will be getting a bright yellow Parent Survey.  Please fill it out and put it in the breezeway as you leave from your conference.  Thanks for helping Bells Ferry be the best that it can be!  

Looking forward to seeing you and sharing lots of information 🙂