Vol 4 Travelers Advisory 1.22.18

Holy smokes!  I am hoping that everyone is thawed out and ready to learn!  Since we missed the last 3 days, I think our hundredth day is Friday!  Please look for an email to confirm this.  

Can you believe we are already in the last full week of January?     is just around the corner and that means progress reports will be coming soon.  Yikes!!! I will be testing sight words and checking writing progress in the coming weeks.  It also means that Thursday is the last day to order from Scholastic.  Remember, with every order you will receive a five dollar coupon towards a free book. A new flyer will come home next week.

 This weeks spelling test will also include last weeks words. There are 20 words this week. Here are this weeks’ words for the week: pie, find, sigh, tie, high, might, under, own, us, read

  There were lots of tears learning 10 more and 10 less last week.  We are really struggling with this skill. One of the assessments at the end of the quarter is asking them to MENTALLY add and subtract any number given from 1 to 120. There are 48 questions on this test. (hint… hint….) We are practicing random numbers daily but I need your help at home.  This is why knowing basic facts is very important.  Please have them practice on Sumdog nightly. 

 This is the time of year where the focus is being able to understand what they are reading – their comprehension.  Reading groups have focused on a variety of things including, word families, blends, digraphs and word attack skills.  Now it’s time to put them all together. In order to accomplish this task, please have them read to you more and then ask the 5 w’s (who, what, where, when and why) about what they are reading.  If they can’t answer those questions, they don’t have a just right book.

They should still be reading 30-40 minutes a night.  So this is the perfect time to reintroduce your children to reading.  What do roller coaster and reading have in common?  What would you do to get a free ticket to Six Flags?  The only thing your children are required to do is read a total of 6 hours to get a free ticket!  In order to get the free ticket (that will come with their report card), I must have the completed reading log turned in by Monday, February 26th.  I have to enter information from the log for them to get the ticket.


Wow!! Even though it was short, we still have a leader!  Last week’s  of the week was Lark with 6 points and We finished the week with 91% positive behavior!  The majority of the class finshed with 100% behavior!!  Keep up the great work!

That’s it for this week!  Have a great week! 🙂

Vol 4. Travelers Advisory 1.15.18

Just a reminder that Monday is a holiday.  I I reminded your children that they have all day Monday to practice on Image result for raz kids  and Image result for sumdog Levels have been updated 🙂 

Image result for collections I did ask your children to bring their collections back on Tuesday.  We are going to use them to help write our opinion papers.  They will again stay at school and come home on Friday.  Thanks!

 meal, sleep, speed, clean, three, reach, home, big, give, air

Related image update: Overall, we finished the week with 82% positive behavior!  That’s no bad, however, I know we can do better.  We are supposed to be at 85% or above for the week.  The Image result for class dojo student of the week (student with the most points for the week) is Max with 29 points!

Image result for behavior awards for students While there were no Tourists that finished the week with 100% behavior, I had 3 Tourists with excellent behavior at 96% this week.  Congrats to : Aaron, Ayaan, and Haley!  I also had 4 additional Tourists finish at or above 90%, they are Ashka, Max, Kennadi and Ava!  Way to go! 🙂

Tourist of the week: Has been postponed due to the short week.

On Wednesday, January 24th, we will be having our Day of School celebration.  To make this day fun we have planned many related activities throughout the day.  We will be making a special 100th day snack with the children, but I need your help. Please consider sending in a snack on Wednesday January 24th that contains 100 pieces to share with the class.  I am asking each child to bring 100 of a dry food item to make a trail mix.  This can be any dry ingredient (raisins included) that can be added with other food in a bowl.  PLEASE don’t send anything that has peanuts in the ingredients.  Some examples are: cereal, popcorn, almonds, pretzels, m&m’s, small crackers (cheese its), dried cranberries chocolate chips, etc.  We will be doing lots of grouping and counting by 10.  Thanks in advance for your help.

The week will be short but jam packed! Still anticipating an unexpected fire drill so make sure your children are dressed appropriately. Bundle up! It is going to be VERY cold again next week! See you on Tuesday! 🙂