Vol. 4. Travelers Advisory 4.23.18

The countdown has begun! Did you know there are only more Thursdays until school gets out?!

This week we are kicking into high gear with Image result for assessment for reading and math.  It’s very important for your children to be practicing those math facts every night for at least 20 minutes and reading for at least 45 minutes.  I want everyone to make their goals! This is the last week to make it to the pizza party.  We will be testing on math facts 3 times this week in the hopes of moving many along on the gumball machines.

 this time of year tends to get a little challenging.  Building wide, We have had lots of challenges this past week. In our class, there seems to be an abundance of tattle telling (mainly girls), disrespectful behavior and inappropriate language (boys) happening in common areas of the school. It is affecting the flow of learning and the ability for some to have fun.

 We had 1 student with 100% positive behavior and the most points this past week.  Congrats to Kimani! We had several that finished with 100% just shy of the point total.  Congrats to Aaron, Kennadi, Lark, Ayaan, Sophie, Sanaa and Ruby.  We finished the week with a whopping 95%!  🙂


Image result for progress report clipart are coming home on Friday.  Please sign and return and I will send home a copy.

Image result for field day clip art is next Friday, May 4!! This an opportunity to show teamwork and to put those 7 habits to great use. Not sure what the weather is going to be like at the  moment but I need to let you know that I can’t put sunscreen on your children, so please make sure your children have sunscreen on before they get to school.  Also, send them with a change of clothes because your children WILL get soaking wet during the water games!  If you are coming to watch or volunteer, please park at Publix as the parking lots will be used for the games.

 This is our last week for check out.  Over due library notices will come home this week.  Please look high and low to find missing books.  If they are not returned, you will need to pay for them in order to receive your child’s report card.

Image result for spelling:point, toy, joy, soil, spoil, draw, eight, fail, drink, done

That’s it for this week, we are going to be very busy this week!  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns.  Have a great week!

Vol 4. Travelers Advisory 4.16.18

 to those that will be turning in registration forms by Monday!  Your children will receive extra participation points for getting things back early.  I realize the deadline says April 30,  however, it takes a great deal of time to ensure information for 700+ students is correct and up to date before we can put them in them in the right class for next year. I will be calling those that aren’t back starting Wednesday, so I can meet the Friday deadline.  Please don’t forget to sign the form and 3 stamps.

Image result for shhh We have 2 more days of ongoing state testing for the upper grades Monday and Tuesday!  Your children have been doing a FABULOUS job at being quiet in the hallways, restroom and in the classroom (there is testing next door in the computer lab)!!  Keep up the great work! 

This week in math we are finishing our shapes unit and continuing to work on place value (writing out numbers) and adding two digit numbers.  We are having trouble saying/writing numbers above 109 – 120.  Additional homework this week will focus on these things and will not be given out until Tuesday.  

We will be starting on animals this week and starting producers and consumers.  I am also starting end of the year reading comprehension (DRA) tests. They should be at level 16 or higher for comprehension.  We will be reviewing current placements and goals on the following Monday.  Many of us are very close to making our goal.  Please continue to have your children read to you at least and hour a night!  The sight word requirement is 200 words and I have a handful of kids that are already at 400+.

 spelling words: clean, carry, wait, wish, found, ground, how, house, plow, now

Image result for library bookNow’s the time to locate that missing book! There will be library check out this week!  We only have 2 more weeks left to check out!  Last day to check out is the 27th and ALL books are due on May 4th! Overdue notices will be coming home next week.  I have already told the class that if they can’t find their library book, they will need to pay for it.  I also let them know I will not be able to mail their report card home if money is owed to the school.  That includes the cafeteria, or ASP.

: HOLY SMOKES!!! I have one student who got the most points and 100%  Congrats to Brennda!  There were 16 students that received 100% but were shy of the point total.  We finished the week with a whopping 98% positive behavior!  WOW!!

: Scholastic Deadline extension by one week!  Last day to place an order will be May 5th – that’s Field Day!! I am sending home a new flyer tomorrow.

That’s it for this week!  If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email me.