Geometry-week of Dec. 3




Our final exam will be a test over factoring and solving quadratics.

Wednesday-Factoring Quadratics using GCF

Factoring with a GCF-1t0tr1m

Factoring with GCF-28zw0ea

Thursday-Factoring Quadratics with leading coefficient of one

Factoring Quadratics LC of 1-1kkghmz

Friday-Factoring Quadratics with leading coefficient other than one

Factoring Quadratics LC not 1-1k3x6kc


Geometry-week of Nov. 12

EOC Review Session start Tuesday morning!

Here is a link to a tutorial of all the constructions we will do:


Monday-Basic Constructions

Basic Constructions-uxcbm3

Basic Constructions-examples-12rvtse


Constructions #1-2lqtvy7

Constructions2-Perp Bis and Circ-1ci3pm3

Wednesday-Constructions and Points of Concurrency


Thursday-Constructions Quiz


Friday-Population Density