SAT Prep-week of Nov. 30

Monday, Nov. 30-Just the Facts of Geometry

Just the Facts-Geometry p. 1

Just the Facts-Geometry p. 2

Tuesday, Dec. 1-Measurement/Lines; Angles

sat prep course measurements lines

sat prep angles

Wed., Dec. 2-Pythagorean; Parallel/Perpendicular Lines

Pythagorean triples review

parellel perpendicular lines

Thurs., Dec. 3-Practice Test; Triangles; Quadrilaterals; Polygons

sat prep course triangles

Fri., Dec. 4-Practice Test; Triangles; Quadrilaterals; Polygons

sat prep course polygons


EOC Resources

An Analytic Geometry Review from Georgia Virtual Learning:

EOC Formula Sheet:

Assessment Guide from the Georgia DOE:

SAT Prep-week of Nov. 16

Monday, Nov. 16-Systems of Equations

Systems of Equations

Tuesday, Nov. 17-Ratios and Proportions; Arithmetic Mean

ratio and proportion

average [arithmetic mean]

Wednesday, Nov. 18-Functions

intro to functions

linear functions

Thursday, Nov. 19-Algebra Review

sat prep algebra review

Friday, Nov. 20-Algebra Test

Two Algebra USA Test Prep Tests are due Monday, November 30.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Geometry-week of Nov. 16

Monday, Nov. 16-Review Probability

Probability Review

Probabilty Review – KEY

Probability Review Diagrams Tables & Words

Tuesday, Nov. 17-Probability Test

Wednesday, Nov. 18-EOC Review

Thursday, Nov. 19-EOC Review

Friday, Nov. 20-EOC Review


The EOC is Tuesday, Dec. 1 and Wednesday, Dec. 2.


Do not forget about the USA Test Prep Tests that are due Monday, November 30th. Make sure you follow the directions that were given to you.


Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

SAT Prep-week of Nov. 9

Monday, Nov. 9-Sequences and Series

Combo Seq & Ser Practice 2

Combo Seq & Ser Practice 3

Combo Seq & Ser Practice

Geom Seq & Ser Practice

Seq & Ser Practice-combined

Tuesday, Nov. 10-Algebra-Just the Facts and Review

Just the Facts – Algebra p. 1

Just the Facts – Algebra p. 2

Wednesday, Nov. 11-Linear Equations/Timed Problems

Linear Equations

Thursday, Nov. 12-Quadratic Equations/Timed Problems


Friday, Nov. 13-Practice Test/Inequalities