Geometry-week of Feb. 1

Monday, Feb. 1-Graphing and Review Characteristics of Quadratics; Converting from Vertex to Standard Form

notes: vertex to standard form

4.3 – Changing Forms of a Quadratic HWK – without Vertex Method

Tuesday, Feb. 2-Converting from Standard to Vertex Form; PSAT Review

notes: standard form to vertext form – with notes

ChangingForm WS

Wednesday, Feb. 3-Graphing in Standard Form

4.4 – Graphing from Standard Form – Homework _ef_

Thursday, Feb. 4- Applications

notes: Quad Graphing Applications


Friday, Feb. 5-Review

notes: Review – Graphing Quad

notes: Review Graph Quad #2

Review of graph quad

Graphing Quadratics Test-Monday, February 8

SAT Prep-week of Jan. 25


Monday, Jan. 25-Ratios and Proportions; Arithmetic Mean

ratio and proportion

review of exponents, ratios, and factoring

average [arithmetic mean]

Tuesday, Jan. 26-Functions

functions and transformations

Just the Facts-Functions p. 1

Just the Facts-Functions p. 2

Wednesday, Jan. 27-Algebra Review

algebra review

around the world algebra

Thursday, Jan. 28-Algebra Test

Friday, Jan. 29-Just the Facts of Geometry

Just the Facts-Geometry p. 1

Just the Facts-Geometry p. 2


Geometry-week of Jan. 25

Monday, Jan. 25-review Solving Quadratics

Review – reformatted

Solving Quadratics-best method notes – KEY

Solving Quadratics-best method notes

Tuesday, Jan. 26-review Solving Quadratics

Solv Quad Review – Spring 2016

Wednesday, Jan. 27-Solving Quadratics Test

Thursday, Jan. 28-Graphing Parabolas in Vertex Form

notes: Quadratic Transformations

Day 1 – Transformations Lab

Vertex Form-Transformations

Friday, Jan. 29-Characteristics of Parabolas

notes: Characteristics of Quadratics

notes: Characteristics of Quadratics-#2 with notes

characteristics of quadratics 1

characteristics of quadratics 2

Geometry-week of January 19

Tuesday, Jan. 19-Solving Quadratics by Taking the Square Root

Solving Quad-Square Roots

solving by sq root

Wednesday, Jan. 20-Solving Quadratics by Completing the Square

Completing the Square

Completing the Square

Thursday, Jan. 21-The Discriminant and Solving Quadratics by the Quadratic Formula

quadratic formula

Quadratic Formula

Discriminant & Quadratic Formula HW

Friday, Jan. 22-Solving by “The Best Method”

Solving Quadratics-best method notes

Geometry-week of Jan. 11

Quiz Monday; Test Wednesday

Mon., Jan. 11-Quiz; Factoring the Difference of Two Squares and Special Cases

Factoring Special Cases

factoring quad-special cases

Tues., Jan. 12-Review

factoring review

Wed., Jan. 13-Test

Thurs., Jan. 14-Solve by Factoring and Intersections of Quadratics and Lines

Solving Quadratics by Factoring and Graphing #2

Solve by Factoring

Fri., Jan. 15-Solving Quadratic Inequalities

Solving Quad Inequalities

quadratic inequalities