Geometry-week of Feb. 1

Monday, Feb. 1-Graphing and Review Characteristics of Quadratics; Converting from Vertex to Standard Form

notes: vertex to standard form

4.3 – Changing Forms of a Quadratic HWK – without Vertex Method

Tuesday, Feb. 2-Converting from Standard to Vertex Form; PSAT Review

notes: standard form to vertext form – with notes

ChangingForm WS

Wednesday, Feb. 3-Graphing in Standard Form

4.4 – Graphing from Standard Form – Homework _ef_

Thursday, Feb. 4- Applications

notes: Quad Graphing Applications


Friday, Feb. 5-Review

notes: Review – Graphing Quad

notes: Review Graph Quad #2

Review of graph quad

Graphing Quadratics Test-Monday, February 8

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