SAT Prep-week of April 18

Monday, April 18-Number Theory


Tuesday, April 19-Sequences and Series

Seq & Ser Practice-combined

Combo Seq & Ser Practice 3

Combo Seq & Ser Practice

Wednesday, April 20-Just the Facts of Algebra

Just the Facts – Algebra p. 1

Just the Facts – Algebra p. 2

Thursday, April 21-Linear Equations

Linear Equations

Friday, April 22-Quadratic Equations

Quadratic Equations

Systems of Quad Equations

Geometry-week of Feb. 29

Monday, Feb. 29-Test

Tuesday, March 1-Dilations and Scale Factors

notes: Dilations & Similar Triangles Rectangles

Coordinate Plane Dilations

Dilations and Applications

Wednesday, March 2-Midsegment and Proportionality

notes:Triangle Midsegment Thm & Proportional Parts (2)

Midsegment of a Triangle

Thursday, March 3-Proving Triangles are Similar

notes:Proving triangles similar

Proving Triangles Similar WS

Friday, March 4-Right Triangle Trigonometry

notes:solve with trig-ratios

Trig – Finding Sides

Trig Ratios

Geometry-week of February 22

Monday, Feb. 22-Congruent Triangles

notes: SSS and SAS

SSS and SAS Congruence

Tuesday, Feb. 23-Congruent Triangles

notes: ASA and AAS

ASA and AAS Congruence

SSS SAS ASA and AAS Congruence

Congruence and Triangles

Congruent Triangles Homework #1

Congruent Triangles Homework #2

Wednesday, Feb. 24-Proofs

notes: proving triangles congruent notes

Triangle Proofs Homework

Triangle Proofs Notes

Triangle Proofs

Thursday, Feb. 25-More Proofs/Review

Friday, Feb. 26-Review

Angles and Triangles Test Review

Test-Monday, February 29

Geometry-week of Feb. 8

Test Monday.

Monday, Feb. 8-Graphing Quadratics Test

Vocabulary for this unit: Vocabulary

Tuesday, Feb. 9-Vertical Angles, Linear Pair, Complementary and Supplementary

notes: Supplementary Complementary Vertical and Angle naming

Complementary and Supplementary Angles HW

Complementary and Supplementary Notes ef

Vertical Angles and Linear Pairs HWK

Vertical Angles and Linear Pairs

Wednesday, Feb. 10-Parallel Lines, Isosceles Triangles and Exterior Angles of a Triangle

notes: Angles Cut by Transversals and Base Angles

Parallel Lines Homework

Parallel Lines-Notes from PowerPoint

Thursday, Feb. 11-Review Translations and Reflections

notes: Translation Notes

Translation WS

notes: Reflection Notes Reflection WS

Reflections and Translations Homework

Friday, Feb. 12-Review Rotations

notes: Rotation Notes

Rotation Homework