Geometry-week of March 28

Monday-Volume of Pyramids and Cones

Notes: Volume of Cylinders & Cones

Notes: Volume of Prisms and Pyramids

Notes: Volume of Spheres


Volume and Segment Review #2

Volume and Segments Review v2

Volume and Segments Review with Notes


Thursday-Equation of a Line

Notes: Equations of Lines

Writing Eq of Lines

Friday-Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Notes: Write EQ Parallel and Perp

equ of perpendicular and parallel lines WS

Writing Eq-Parallel and Perp-HW

Geometry-week of March 21

Monday, March 21-Review

Circle Angles Arcs Circumference Area Review with notes

Tuesday, March 22-Test

Wednesday, March 23-Chord lengths

notes: Segment Lengths and Chord Properties

Segment Lengths with Circles Homework

Thursday, March 24-Secants and Tangent Lengths

notes: secant-and-tangent-lengths

Tangent Lines Homework

Friday, March 25-Volume of Spheres, Prism, & Pyramids

notes: Volume of Prisms and Pyramids

notes: Volume of Spheres

Volume of Spheres HW

Volume of Prisms Practice

Geometry-week of March 14

Monday, March 14-Inscribed Angles & Inscribed Quadrilaterals

notes: inscribed-angles

Day 2 – Inscribed Angles Practice WS

Inscribed Angles HW

Tuesday, March 15-Secant & Tangent Angles

notes: angle and arc-vertex is interior

12-Angles with Vertex Inside or Outside CW

13-Angles Vertex On Inside and Outside the Circle

14-Secant Angles

15-Secant-Tangent Angles

Wednesday, March 16-Secant & Tangent Angles

notes: angle and arc vertex

All Angles Homework

Thursday, March 17-Arc Length 

notes: arc-length

Arc Length Homework

Friday, March 18-Area of a Sector

notes: area of sectors

19-Circumference Arc Length Area and Area of Sector

20-Sector Area

SAT Prep-week of March 14

Monday, March 14-Algebra Review

algebra review

around the world algebra

Tuesday, March 15-Algebra Test

Wednesday, March 16-Just the Facts of Geometry

Just the Facts-Geometry p. 1

Just the Facts-Geometry p. 2

coordinate geometry

Thursday, March 17-Measurement/Lines; Angles

measurements lines


angle relations

Friday, March 18-Pythagorean; Parallel/Perpendicular Lines

Pythagorean triples review

parellel perpendicular lines