Geometry-week of April 11

Monday, April 11-Equations of Circles

notes: Graphing and Writing Equations of Circles

Graphing Circles and Writing Equations HW

Tuesday, April 12-Systems of Equations (Circles and Lines)

notes: Intersection of Circle and Line

Int. of Circles and Lines Homework v2

Wednesday, April 13-Partitioning of a Line Segment

notes: Midpt and Partition

Partition HW

Thursday, April 14-Perimeter and Area in the Coordinate Plane

notes: Perimeter and Area in Coord Plane

Perimeter and Area HW

Friday, April 15-Review of Geometry in the Coordinate Plane

notes: Pyth and Distance

notes: Prop of Quad

notes: Coord Plane REVIEW

Proofs of Quad in Coord Plane

Algebra Proofs Homework

Geometry-April 20-22

This unit is Probability. Our next test will be Thursday, April 28. That will be the last test prior to the EOC.

Wednesday, April 20-Vocabulary of Probability; Set Notation; Venn Diagrams

notes:Vocabulary Set Notation and Venn Diagrams

Notes – Set Notation Summary

Notes – Vocabulary Set Notation & Venn Diagram

Venn Diagrams HW

Thursday, April 21-Overlapping and Mutually Exclusive Events

notes:Overlapping and Mutually_Exclusive

Mutually Exclusive HW


Friday, April 22-Conditional Probability; Tables

notes:Conditional Prob

Conditional Probabilities


SAT Prep-week of April 11

Monday, April 11-SAT Overview

The 2016 SAT changes

The New SAT strategies

Tuesday, April 12-Practice Test section 1; Weird problems

Weird Problems

Wednesday, April 13-Practice Test section #2; Weird problems

Thursday, April 14-Just the Facts of Numbers and Operations

Just the Facts-Numbers and Operations

Friday, April 15-Divisibility and Factors

Div and Factors p. 1

Div. and Factors p. 2

Div. Riddle #1

Div. Riddle #2