Geometry-week of August 8

Monday, August 8-Combinations of Transformations


Tuesday, August 9-Congruent Triangles

notes: SSS and SAS

SSS and SAS Congruence

Wednesday, August 10-Congruent Triangles

notes:ASA and AAS

ASA and AAS Congruence

Thursday, August 11-Congruent Triangles/Proofs

notes: proving triangles congruent notes

Congruent Triangles CW _ef_

Congruent Triangles HW _ef_

Friday, August 12-Proofs

notes: proving triangles congruent notes

Triangle Proofs Homework

Congruent Triangles Homework #1

Congruent Triangles Homework #2

Our first test will be Wednesday, August 17th.

Algebra 2-week of August 8

Monday, August 8-Solve by Factoring and Inequalities

Solve Quadratics by Factoring

Tuesday, August 9-Quadratic Inequalities

notes: Solving quadratic inequalities

Solving Quadratic Inequalities HW (with graphs)

Wednesday, August 10-Completing the Square

notes: Completing the Square-solving

Completing the Square


Thursday, August 11-Quadratic Formula

notes: quadratic formula

Quadratic Formula

Friday, August 12-Solving Quadratics in a Variety of Methods

Solving Quadratics-best method notes

Solving Quads All Methods

Geometry-week of August 1

Monday, Aug. 1-Vertical Angles, Linear Pair, Complementary and Supplementary

Supplementary Complementary Vertical and Angle naming (2)

Vertical Angles and Linear Pairs HWK

Vertical Angles and Linear Pairs

Tuesday, Aug. 2-Parallel Lines and Angles

Angles Cut by Transversals and Base Angles

Parallel Lines Homework

Wednesday, Aug. 3-Triangle Exterior Angles and Isosceles Triangles

Exterior Angles of a Triangle

Isosceles Triangles and Base Angles

Thursday, Aug. 4-Translations and Reflections

Intro to Transformations

Translation Notes

Translation of Shapes WS

Translation WS

Reflection Notes and Classwork

Reflection Notes

Reflection over the Axes

Reflection WS

Friday, Aug. 5-Rotations

Rotation Notes

Rotation Homework