Geometry-week of Jan. 17

Tuesday-Composition of Transformations

Combinations of Transformations Cwk-Hwk-2nd5mcz

Composition Group activity-1vvfs6f

Wednesday-Triangle Inequalities and QUIZ

notes: Triangle Inequalities-qotbgj

Triangle Inequality CW-1iefji7

Triangle Inequality HW-owvgox

Thursday and Friday-Congruent Triangles

notes:SSS and SAS-2dp17ar

notes: ASA and AAS-u9p2a8

notes: proving triangles congruent notes-16gfh5x

Congruence and Triangles-1nq7fbb

Congruent Triangles CW _ef_-2kiwih6

Congruent Triangles Homework #1-2h8nlbv

Congruent Triangles Homework #2-20z2orx

Congruent Triangles HW _ef_-2cg1gp8


Test Wednesday, January 25th.

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