Geometry-week of Jan. 30

Monday-Triangle Proportionality Theorem

notes: Triangle Proportional Parts-qqghwz

Triangle Prop Theorems HW-q2750i

Triangle Theorems Task-1d0l84p

Tuesday-Proving Triangle Similar

notes: Proving triangles similar-1ph9g2p

Proving Triangles Similar-18wbkou

Proportionality in Triangles-1tw9m8q

Wednesday-Right Triangle Trigonometry Introduction

notes: solve with trig-ratios-yenm18

Trig Ratios-2532pzh

Trig Ratios-Punchline-10o660h

Trig Ratios-Punchline-ANSWERS-rqc79l

Thursday-Right Triangle Trigonometry/Finding sides

notes: solve with trig-ratios-yenm32

Trig – Finding Sides-15x7ysp

Friday-Right Triangle Trigonometry/Finding Angles

notes: find angles trig-ratios-1pzjkna

notes: Missing Sides and Angles v2-2hywta5

Trig – Finding Angles-1lba1th

Trig – Find Missing Parts HW-1y2ughu

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