Geometry-week of February 13

Monday-review Central Angles and Inscribed Angles; Vertex Interior

notes: inscribed-angles-2gexjeg

notes: angle and arc-vertex is interior-1egca88

Circles-Inscribed Angles-11uz2m0

Angles-Vertex Interior-2796yft

Tuesday-Angles of Circles; Secants and Tangents

notes: angle and arc vertex is EXTERIOR-z78zhd

Angles-Vertex Exterior-1purf92

Wednesday-All Angles

All Angles Homework – KEY-248iu8z

All Angles Homework-2h9jwns

Thursday-Arc Length

notes: arc-length-rvsvte

Arc Length Homework – KEY-1e8cipe

Arc Length Homework-1dop865

Friday-Area of a Sector

notes: area of sectors-1zyxz31

20-Sector Area-2csw9pi


Geometry-week of Feb. 6

Monday-Trig Applications

notes: trig-ratio-applications-1al9j5b

notes: solve with trig-ratios-yf0m9c

SOHCAHTOA Applications Practice Homework v2-1fuz36q


Similarity & Trig ReviewKM-tnyyup

Similarity and Trig Review 2-28ny5el

Similarity and Trig Review 2-KEY-1idmzuf

Similarity and Trig Review with Notes-14a2d8x

Similarity and Trig Review with Notes-KEY-1oczd75

Trig Review Sheet-tylila

Trig Review Sheet – KEY-1osy585


Thursday-Circles Intro

notes: circles-terms, rad-tan-29m0yj0

Central Angles HW-2hmvi8h

Central Angles Homework – KEY-1atwn30

Friday-Central Angles

notes: central-angles-1lg4jam

5-Central Angles CW-tzdcoy