Geometry-week of April 10th

Monday-Vocabulary, Set Notation and Venn Diagrams

Vocabulary Set Notation and Venn Diagrams-tohxlb

2-Notes-Vocab Set Not & Venn Diagram-tyxwhz

3-Notes – Set Notation Summary-2gp3tbg

Tuesday and Wednesday-Overlapping and Mutually Exclusive

Overlapping and Mutually_Exclusive-2eracu9

Homework – Mutually Exclusive & Overlapping-2i5aqv1

Mutually Exclusive HW-1jkjuad


Thursday-Conditional Probability

Conditional Prob-2dnkh8k

Classwork – Conditional Probability-rz27nu

Conditional Probabilities HW 2-u7tjz5

Conditional Probabilities HW-1yom71a

Friday-Independent Events

Independent Prob-1pwh7l8

Independent vs Dependent HW-2kqknj4


The next test is Thursday, April 20th.


Geometry-week of March 27

The test has been moved to Friday.

Monday and Tuesday-Properties of Quadrilaterals

Notes: Perimeter and Area in Coord Plane-rxy19v

Prop of Parallelograms-22fqy4b

Prop of Quad-notes-2e0zjz8

Prop of Special Quad-1q6xh1x


Algebra Proofs Homework-1noa0jn

18-Perimeter and Area Coord Plane-1yedpdc


Coord Plane REVIEW-13j0i7g

Coord Plane REVIEW-answers-qw393d




Geometry-week of March 20

Monday-Equations of Circles

notes: Graphing and Writing Equations of Circles-1ecfz7j

Graphing Circles and Writing Equations HW-2fq9w5l

Tuesday-Solving Systems (Circles and Lines)

notes: Intersection of Circle and Line-1mzr07z

Int. of Circles and Lines Homework v2-1l4iwix

Wednesday-Partitioning a Line Segment

notes: Midpt and Partition-292ion4

Partition HW-1xe2dty

Thursday-Distance Formula and Pythagorean Theorem

notes: Pyth and Distance-17muxd3

Pythagorean Theorem and Distance Formula WS-15r026u

Friday-Properties of Rectangles and Parallelograms

notes: Prop of Parallelograms-22f8rjt

Proofs of Quad in Coord Plane-2eozjzo


Geometry-week of March 13

Monday and Tuesday-Review Circles and Volume

Review with QR Code answers-10mw4ri

Review with Notes Segments and Volume-1tmvibb

Review-segment lengths and volume with Notes-KEY-1z4aps1

Review-Segment Lengths and Volume-25dog3w

Review-segment lengths and volume – KEY-vf7w17


Thursday-Equations of Lines

notes: Equations of Lines-xoxyfs

Writing Eq of Lines-1mdcdpp

Writing Eq of Lines-KEY-1m81b0w

Friday-Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

notes: Write EQ Parallel and Perp-2n142ma

Writing Eq-Parallel and Perp-HW-24vqgz6

Writing Eq-Parallel and Perp-HW-Answers-22ybcvm

Geometry-week of March 6

Monday-Reviewing Segment Lengths

Notes: secant-and-tangent-lengths-1efi1p2

Segment Lengths and Chord Properties NO ANSWERS-2k30stg

Segment Lengths and Chord Properties-zyyac2


Tuesday-Area Review; Volume

Wednesday-Volume of Prism and Cylinder

Thursday-Volume of Pyramid and Cone

Notes: Volume of Cylinders & Cones-1eg4oeo

Volume of Prisms and Pyramids-or5ssp

Volume of Spheres-2kw9q5t

Friday-Composition of Volume