Geometry-week of March 13

Monday and Tuesday-Review Circles and Volume

Review with QR Code answers-10mw4ri

Review with Notes Segments and Volume-1tmvibb

Review-segment lengths and volume with Notes-KEY-1z4aps1

Review-Segment Lengths and Volume-25dog3w

Review-segment lengths and volume – KEY-vf7w17


Thursday-Equations of Lines

notes: Equations of Lines-xoxyfs

Writing Eq of Lines-1mdcdpp

Writing Eq of Lines-KEY-1m81b0w

Friday-Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

notes: Write EQ Parallel and Perp-2n142ma

Writing Eq-Parallel and Perp-HW-24vqgz6

Writing Eq-Parallel and Perp-HW-Answers-22ybcvm

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