Geometry-week of April 10th

Monday-Vocabulary, Set Notation and Venn Diagrams

Vocabulary Set Notation and Venn Diagrams-tohxlb

2-Notes-Vocab Set Not & Venn Diagram-tyxwhz

3-Notes – Set Notation Summary-2gp3tbg

Tuesday and Wednesday-Overlapping and Mutually Exclusive

Overlapping and Mutually_Exclusive-2eracu9

Homework – Mutually Exclusive & Overlapping-2i5aqv1

Mutually Exclusive HW-1jkjuad


Thursday-Conditional Probability

Conditional Prob-2dnkh8k

Classwork – Conditional Probability-rz27nu

Conditional Probabilities HW 2-u7tjz5

Conditional Probabilities HW-1yom71a

Friday-Independent Events

Independent Prob-1pwh7l8

Independent vs Dependent HW-2kqknj4


The next test is Thursday, April 20th.


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