Geometry-week of May 1

Monday-Review Circles and Volume


Tuesday-Circles and Angles; Complete the following problems from the Practice Tests below:

Homework: Practice Test #1

#2, 3, 9, 11, 12, 16, 17, 24, 27, 28, 31, 32, 34, 39, 40, 42, 48, 53, 54

In class: Practice Test #2

#3, 5, 7, 20, 21, 23, 24, 30, 45, 47

In class: Practice Test #3

#5, 8, 14, 16, 19, 26, 31, 33, 39, 50

EOCT Practice Test #1-1donsi7

EOCT Practice Test #2-wxlikh

EOC Practice Test #3-18ptff4

Also, work on USA Test Prep assignments.


Wednesday-Trig and Similarity


Friday-Congruent Triangles


Remember to complete the USA Test Prep assignments.


Directions for USA Test Prep Extra Credit

Log into USA Test Prep. Go to the “Milestones” tab at the top. Go down to “Geometry”. Below “Geometry EOC (GSE)” you will see a tab that reads “Take a Test”. Next, scroll down to “Congruence”, “Similarity, Right Triangles and Trigonometry” or “Circles”. Click on “Domain Test” at the right. Click on your teacher’s name, then your class period. Take the test. You are allowed one chance at correcting the missed questions, then that retest score will count as your replacement score.

EOC Extra Credit

Geometry students are allowed to replace one grade (test or quiz) by completing practice EOC Tests on USA Test Prep, under the following conditions:

  • A student may not replace a test or quiz that is a zero.
  • The student must have a homework average of 80% or higher.
  • The student must complete at least two practice tests and receive a score of 50 or higher on at least two of the practice tests. The best score will count as their replacement grade.
  • The student must turn in work in order for the tests to count. The work must be numbered and all steps must be shown. No tests will be accepted without the work that matches the test.
  • The tests must be in one of the following domains:


Similarity, Right Triangles and Trigonometry


  • The practice tests must be completed by the end of the school day Friday, May 5th.

Geometry-week of April 17

Monday-Using Formulas in Probability

Using Probability Formulas and Working Backwards-yjsy5k

Using Formulas and Working Backwards CW-20khwbx

Using Formulas and Working Backwards-264kimk


Tuesday and Wednesday-Review

Prob Review-2greigg

Prob Mixed Review Homework – KEY-2hb3aa5

Probability Review-Diagrams Tables & Words-1at4yyu

Prob Review – KEY-1pqmrgw

Prob Mixed Review Homework-1f5vlec

Thursday-Probability Test



EOC Review Schedule

Geometry EOC Review


In class for Geometry classes:

Thursday, April 27-Probability

Friday, April 28-Coordinate Geometry

Monday, May 1-Circles and Volume

Tuesday, May 2-Circles and Angles

Wednesday, May 3-Right Triangle Trig and Similarity

Thursday, May 4-Transformations

Friday, May 5-Congruence


Before school:

Monday, April 17-Room 9226 Poole 7:30-8:00-Probability

Tuesday, April 18-Room 9223 Johnson 7:45-8:15-Probability

Wednesday, April 19-Room 416 Attaway 7:45-8:15-Probability

Thursday, April 20-Room 303 McGinnis 7:45-8:15-Probability

Friday, April 21-Room 414 Jones 7:45-8:15-Coordinate Geometry

Monday, April 24-Room 9226 Poole 7:30-8:00-Coordinate Geometry

Tuesday, April 25-Room 9223 Johnson 7:45-8:15-Circles and Volume

Wednesday, April 26-Room 416 Attaway 7:45-8:15-Circles and Volume

Thursday, April 27-Room 303 McGinnis 7:45-8:15-Circles and Angles

Friday, April 28-Room 414 Jones 7:45-8:15-Circles and Angles

Monday, May 1-Room 9226 Poole 7:30-8:00-Right Triangle Trig and Similarity

Tuesday, May 2-Room 9223 Johnson 7:45-8:15-Right Triangle Trig and Similarity

Wednesday, May 3-Room 416 Attaway 7:45-8:15-Transformations

Thursday, May 4-Room 303 McGinnis 7:45-8:15-Congruence

Friday, May 5-Room 414 Jones 7:45-8:15-Congruence