EOC Review Schedule

Geometry EOC Review


In class for Geometry classes:

Thursday, April 27-Probability

Friday, April 28-Coordinate Geometry

Monday, May 1-Circles and Volume

Tuesday, May 2-Circles and Angles

Wednesday, May 3-Right Triangle Trig and Similarity

Thursday, May 4-Transformations

Friday, May 5-Congruence


Before school:

Monday, April 17-Room 9226 Poole 7:30-8:00-Probability

Tuesday, April 18-Room 9223 Johnson 7:45-8:15-Probability

Wednesday, April 19-Room 416 Attaway 7:45-8:15-Probability

Thursday, April 20-Room 303 McGinnis 7:45-8:15-Probability

Friday, April 21-Room 414 Jones 7:45-8:15-Coordinate Geometry

Monday, April 24-Room 9226 Poole 7:30-8:00-Coordinate Geometry

Tuesday, April 25-Room 9223 Johnson 7:45-8:15-Circles and Volume

Wednesday, April 26-Room 416 Attaway 7:45-8:15-Circles and Volume

Thursday, April 27-Room 303 McGinnis 7:45-8:15-Circles and Angles

Friday, April 28-Room 414 Jones 7:45-8:15-Circles and Angles

Monday, May 1-Room 9226 Poole 7:30-8:00-Right Triangle Trig and Similarity

Tuesday, May 2-Room 9223 Johnson 7:45-8:15-Right Triangle Trig and Similarity

Wednesday, May 3-Room 416 Attaway 7:45-8:15-Transformations

Thursday, May 4-Room 303 McGinnis 7:45-8:15-Congruence

Friday, May 5-Room 414 Jones 7:45-8:15-Congruence

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