Geometry-week of August 7


rotations about a point-ypd4ks

Rotation Homework-27hoab6

Tuesday-Combinations of Transformations and Review of Transformations

Combinations of Transformations Cwk-Hwk-2nnlj54


Wednesday-Triangles Inequalities; Transformations Quiz

notes: Triangle Inequalities-qz96ta

Triangle Inequality CW-1iovga5

Triangle Inequality HW-p7bdh9


Thursday and Friday-Congruent Triangles

notes:SSS and SAS-2dzh2qh

notes: ASA and AAS-uk4xpz

Congruent Triangles Homework #1-2hj3hjv

Congruent Triangles Homework #2-219ikzw

Congruence and Triangles-1o0nbju