Geometry-week of Oct. 2

Next Test-Tuesday, October 10

Monday-Review Area

Area and Perimeter Review-1z2mcys

Tuesday-Volume of Prisms and Cylinders

notes: VolumeofPrismsandCylinders-for Activity-1tykm12

Volume of Prisms Practice-27e91io

Volume of Prisms-14akz75

Wednesday-Volume of Pyramids and Cones; Spheres

notes: Volume of Prisms and Pyramids-p1k855

Volume of Cylinders & Cones-1eqj3rk

Volume of Spheres-2l6o5iz

Volume-Pyramid and Cones-ueo69t

Volume-Prisms and Spheres-269kwq7

Thursday-Composition of Volumes and Cavalieri’s Principle


Volume-All Solids-1w7ykuy

composite volume worksheet1-1yb012q

composite volume worksheet2-2g8ir6s

Friday-Review of Segment Lengths and Circles

Review with Notes Segments and Volume-1twwhfq

Review-segment lengths and volume with Notes-KEY-1zebovn

Review-Segment Lengths and Volume-25npf7i


Geometry-week of September 18




Wednesday-Radius and Tangents; Congruent Tangents

notes: rad-tan-peobs1

notes: Chord Properties-23hnsiz

Radius and Chord-1tm22sp

Tangents and Party Hats HW-17njbi0

Tangents and Party Hats-roiwh8

Thursday-Segment Length and Chord Properties (Part/Part)

notes: Part Part-162p7xf

Part Part Chord Property-1v4qoqd

Chords in Circles-2b3v3ev

Friday-Secant and Tangent (Outside/Whole)

notes: Outside and Whole-104ivt4

Secants and Tangents-1qqbroz

Segment Lengths with Circles Homework-23mltpv

Chord and Tangent Lengths-all-1d20g34



Geometry-week of Sept. 11-UPDATED

Wednesday-Review Angles and Arc Length

Angles and Arcs Quiz Review-165rvs9

Angles and Arcs Quiz Review-KEY with work-25i2w36

notes: arc-length-s6lrmb

Arc Length HW-28zb9ng

Thursday-Sector and Quiz

notes: area of sectors-209quuw

Sector Area HW-2frcfbx

Arc Length and Sector Area-HW-29h3mau


Circle Angles Arcs Circumference Area Review with notes – KEY-1634n6t

Circle Angles Arcs Circumference Area Review with notes-1sa04g5

Geometry-week of September 5

Tuesday-Circles; Vocabulary and Central Angles


circles-terms, rad-tan-29wtb2q


Wednesday-Central Angles



Central Angles HW-2hxnuot

Central Angles Homework – KEY-1b4ozj3

Thursday-Inscribed Angles and Inscribed Quadrilaterals



Inscribed Angles HW-1swyt91

Inscribed Angles Homework – KEY-1z2e6em

Friday-Review of Angles

Day 2 – Inscribed Angles Practice WS-13cd4zl

Inscribed Angles Practice WS – KEY-use9ta