Geometry-week of September 18




Wednesday-Radius and Tangents; Congruent Tangents

notes: rad-tan-peobs1

notes: Chord Properties-23hnsiz

Radius and Chord-1tm22sp

Tangents and Party Hats HW-17njbi0

Tangents and Party Hats-roiwh8

Thursday-Segment Length and Chord Properties (Part/Part)

notes: Part Part-162p7xf

Part Part Chord Property-1v4qoqd

Chords in Circles-2b3v3ev

Friday-Secant and Tangent (Outside/Whole)

notes: Outside and Whole-104ivt4

Secants and Tangents-1qqbroz

Segment Lengths with Circles Homework-23mltpv

Chord and Tangent Lengths-all-1d20g34



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