Geometry-week of October 30

Monday-Overlapping and Mutual Exclusive

notes: Overlapping and Mutually_Exclusive-2f23cyk

Homework – Mutually Exclusive & Overlapping-2ig3qlx

Tuesday and Wednesday-Conditional Probability and Tables

notes: Conditional Prob-2dydhc6

Conditional Probabilities HW-1yzf6ry

Conditional Probabilities HW 2-uimjq4

Classwork – Conditional Probability-s9v7i7

Thursday-Independent Events

notes: Independent Prob-1q7a7o1

Independent vs Dependent HW-2l1dnef

Friday-Using Probability Formulas

notes: Using Probability Formulas and Working Backwards-ytvujh

Using Formulas and Working Backwards CW-20ukset

Using Formulas and Working Backwards-26enepg


Geometry-week of October 16

Monday-Equations of Circles

notes: Graphing and Writing Equations of Circles-1en8sgo

Equations of Circles-1bbwdrw

Graphing Circles and Writing Equations HW-2g12ph4

Tuesday-Solving Systems (Circles and Lines)

notes: Intersection of Circle and Line-1najtgz

Int. of Circles and Lines Homework v2-1lfbpt3

Wednesday-Midpoint and Partitioning of Line Segments

notes:Midpt and Partition-29dbhwg

Partition HW-1xov759

Thursday-Distance Formula and Pythagorean Theorem

notes:Pyth and Distance-17xnqle

Pythagorean Theorem and Distance Formula WS-161svif

Friday-Properties of Parallelograms and Rectangles

notes: Prop of Parallelograms-22q1ksf

notes: Prop of Special Quad-1qh83q1

Perimeter and Area HW-1m6s5v8

Geometry-week of Oct. 6

Monday-review for test (see last week’s post for reviews)


Wednesday-Equations of Lines

notes:Equations of Lines-xzqtmr

Equations of Lines-2nbxtd8

Thursday-Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

notes:Write EQ Parallel and Perp-2nbwxt8

Writing Eq-Parallel and Perp-HW-256jc8g

Writing Eq-Parallel and Perp-HW-Answers-239484x

Friday-Equations of Circles

notes:Graphing and Writing Equations of Circles-1emw057

Equations of Circles-1bbjlfk