Geometry-week of October 30

Monday-Overlapping and Mutual Exclusive

notes: Overlapping and Mutually_Exclusive-2f23cyk

Homework – Mutually Exclusive & Overlapping-2ig3qlx

Tuesday and Wednesday-Conditional Probability and Tables

notes: Conditional Prob-2dydhc6

Conditional Probabilities HW-1yzf6ry

Conditional Probabilities HW 2-uimjq4

Classwork – Conditional Probability-s9v7i7

Thursday-Independent Events

notes: Independent Prob-1q7a7o1

Independent vs Dependent HW-2l1dnef

Friday-Using Probability Formulas

notes: Using Probability Formulas and Working Backwards-ytvujh

Using Formulas and Working Backwards CW-20ukset

Using Formulas and Working Backwards-26enepg


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