Geometry-week of Nov. 13



Tuesday and Wednesday-Constructions Stations/Review


Thursday-Review of Probability

Constructions Review-1b3iuon Probability Review-1r0sz2m

Friday-Review of Coordinate Geometry

1-Distance, Midpoint and Pythag.-Stations-2a1pd8v

2-Equations of Circles #2-Stations-1cpsiu8

3-Equations of Circles-Stations-2907tiv

4-Equations of Lines-Stations-2lxbxfp

5-Proofs of Quad in Coord Plane-14zbxs7

6-Proofs of Quad in Coord Plane2-1htc80s


8-Perimeter and Area of Shapes-2m3tj5f

Geometry EOC Review Notebook Checklist

Here is what should be included in your Geometry EOC Review notebook, in order:

Test 1 (Congruent Triangles) corrections
Test 1 Review with Notes
Test 2 (Similar Triangles) corrections
Test 2 Review with Notes
Test 3 (Circles and Angles) corrections
Test 3 Review with Notes
Test 4 (Circles and Segments) corrections
Test 4 Review with Notes
Test 5 (Coordinate Geometry) corrections
Test 6 (Probability) corrections
“Geometry Things to Remember”
Formula Sheet

Geometry-week of Nov. 6

Monday-Using Formulas in Probability

Using Formulas and Working Backwards-26enepg

Using Probability Formulas and Working Backwards-ytvujh


Tuesday-no school


Probability Review-1r0g14o

Prob Mixed Review Homework – KEY-2hljabw

Prob Mixed Review Homework-1fgblg3

Prob Review – KEY-1q12rin Probability Review-1809s3d

Probability Review-Diagrams Tables & Words-1b3kz0m

Probability Review-KEY-23hvckl

Thursday-Probability Test

Friday-Basic Constructions

Basic Constructions-ueaq28