Geometry-week of Jan 22

We will plan to have our test Tuesday, January 30th.

Monday-Triangle Inequalities

Notes:6-Triangle Inequalities-25pbici

Triangle Inequality CW-1ix5jty

Triangle Inequality HW-pflh0n

Tuesday-Congruent Triangles (SSS, SAS)

Notes:7-SSS and SAS-27t485s

SSS and SAS Congruence-173bapu

SSS and SAS #2-18a3qpo

Wednesday-Congruent Triangles (ASA, AAS, HL, CPCTC)

Notes:8-ASA and AAS-29g8z9i

ASA and AAS Congruence-1kx38ie

SSS SAS ASA and AAS Congruence-18ji5ck

Thursday and Friday-Proofs



Triangle Proofs-1rlmyb6T

riangle Proofs Homework-shfnud



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