Geometry-week of Feb. 12

Test Tuesday

Review for weekend:

Do each problem on this Review/PPT. It has the solutions to each problem.

9-Similarity & Trig ReviewKM-231690z

This is a good review to work on this weekend also. We will finish this review Monday in class.

Similarity and Trig Review with Notes-14t534o

Similarity and Trig Review with Notes-KEY-1ow232v


Next week…


Similarity and Trig Review 2-2970vbb

Similarity and Trig Review 2-KEY-1iwppr4

Similarity and Trig Review with Notes-14t535l

Similarity and Trig Review with Notes-KEY-1ow233r

Similarity Summary-1rrgssa


Tuesday-Similarity and Trig Test


Wednesday-Circles Vocab and Central Angles


1-Circles-vocab and central angles-2dnl5zh

Central Angles-1kzx0fw

Central Angles HW-2i5y8ae

Central Angles Homework – KEY-1bczd56


Thursday-Inscribed Angles



Inscribed Angles HW-1t596sw

Inscribed Angles Homework – KEY-1zaojuq


Friday-Review Central and Inscribed Angles



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