Geometry-week of Aug. 6

Monday-Parallel Lines

notes: 2-Parallel Lines-Angles Cut by Transversals-26yifmr

Parallel Lines Homework-one page-1165oxj

Parallel Lines-19l13bu

Parallel Lines2-16bdiug


Tuesday-Triangle Exterior Angles and Isosceles Triangles

notes: 3-Triangle Ext Angles and Isosc Tri-1saul5u

Exterior Angle Theorem-27wd11z

Isosceles triangles and base angles-1b2x45j


Wednesday-Translations and Reflections

notes:4-Translations and Reflections-thhp2e

Translation WS-2l8kx8r

Translation of Shapes WS-2lm0vqz




Rotation Homework-2806jhx

rotations about a point-z7vdt7


Friday-Combinations of Transformations

Combinations of Transformations Cwk-Hwk-2o63sko


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