Geometry-week of October 1

Monday-Segment Length and Chord Properties

notes:1-Segment Lengths and Chord Properties-25cc6i1

Properties of Chords-CW-1qgib6l

Radius and Chord-1u51fof


Tuesday-Tangent Lengths

notes:2-Tangent Problems (Pyth)-29usd8w

Tangents and Party Hats HW-186ioux

Tangent Lines Homework-1jj0567


Wednesday-Chord Lengths (Part*Part)

notes:3-Chord Lengths (Part Part)-1gp1nud

Part Part Chord Property-1vnq4bf

Chords in Circles-2bmug84


Thursday-Secant and Tangent Lengths (Outside*Whole)

notes:4-Secants Tangents (Outside and Whole)-1ebufh1

Secant Lengths-r59pz9

Secants and Tangents-1r9b4jk


Friday-Volume of Prisms and Cylinders

notes:5-Volume of Prisms and Cylinders-2idnl6v

Volume of Prisms-14t9a52



Geometry test topics for Friday

Students should know how to do the following problems:

All problems on the “3-Review Sheet”: Circle Angles Arcs Circumference Area Review with notes-1sszwhl

These problems from the packet:

p. 12-slide at top right

p. 31 #11

p. 32 #22

p. 22 #11

p. 23 #2

p. 33-slide at bottom right

p. 20-only problem on the page

Arc Length Homework #8-reviewed in class Wed., Sept. 19th

Students should also know that the opposite angles of an inscribed quadrilateral are supplementary, and they should be able to explain WHY.

Geometry-week of September 17

Monday-review Angles and Arcs

All Angles Homework – KEY-2521j5v

All Angles Homework-2i32lkm


Tuesday-Arc Length


Arc Length HW-29icf12

Arc Length Homework-1eij9me

Arc Length Homework – KEY-1f26k7c

Wednesday-Sector Area

notes:6-area of sectors and segments-2b69ado

Sector Area HW-2gadkpi

Arc Length and Sector Area-HW-2a04rnv

Arc Length and Sector Area-KEY-162sax1





Circle Angles Arcs Circumference Area Review with notes – KEY-16m5sj1

Circle Angles Arcs Circumference Area Review with notes-1ssoq2n






Geometry-week of Sept. 10

Next test: Friday, September 21st!


Monday-Vocabulary and Central Angles

notes:1-Circles-vocab and central angles-2dye0vf

Central Angles-Day 1-1jqbjlr

Tuesday-Central Angles

notes:1-Circles-vocab and central angles-2dye0vs

Central Angles-1lapv98

Central Angles Practice – KEY-2k78bw7

Central Angles HW-2igr350

Central Angles Homework – KEY-1bns7zb

Wednesday-Inscribed Angles and Inscribed Quadrilaterals


Day 2 – Inscribed Angles Practice WS-13vgdg6

Inscribed Angles Homework – KEY-1zlheru

Inscribed Angles HW-1tg21qh

Inscribed Angles Practice WS – KEY-vbhi7b

Circles-Inscribed Angles-12ohran

Thursday-Review of Angles

Central and Inscribed Angles-1qtrney

Friday-Secants, Tangents, Angles and Intercepted Arcs

notes:3-angle and arc-vertex is interior-u76hz1

notes: 4-angle and arc vertex is EXTERIOR-1nx83qg

All Angles Homework – KEY-2521j5v

All Angles Homework-2i32lkm

Angles-Vertex Exterior-1qoa475

Angles-Vertex Interior-282pnez




Geometry packet for Unit 3-Circles

1a-Formulas-2kxmw79 1b-EOC Formula Sheet-19lejhh 2-circles-vocab and central angles-PACKET-2a3rqyu 3-Circle Vocab Term Notes-1udnf1v 5-Central Angles CW-ut8x9b 6-inscribed-angles-PACKET-2e7c62u 7-Inscribed CW-1wr439u 8-Inscribed Angles Practice WS-s84qkf 9-Inscribed Angles & Quads CW-2egwkzs 10-angle and arc-vertex is interior-PACKET-s7ryon 11-angle and arc vertex is EXTERIOR-Packet-17z6jqk 12-Angles with Vertex Inside or Outside CW-220cumd 13-Angles Vertex On Inside and Outside the Circle-1ubxvib 14-Secant Angles-1s8z0h0 15-Secant-Tangent Angles-1hy9y7m 16-arc-length-PACKET-16hs85p 17-Arc Length and Sector Area-2o2hqkq 18-area of sectors and segments-PACKET-23vjefn 19-Circumference Arc Length Area and Area of Sector-1m6jr3s 20-Sector Area-2dmexnu 21-Area of Segment-wkq3cd Circles-Voc,Angles,Arcs,Sectors Cover Sheet-222o7am