Geometry-week of Sept. 10

Next test: Friday, September 21st!


Monday-Vocabulary and Central Angles

notes:1-Circles-vocab and central angles-2dye0vf

Central Angles-Day 1-1jqbjlr

Tuesday-Central Angles

notes:1-Circles-vocab and central angles-2dye0vs

Central Angles-1lapv98

Central Angles Practice – KEY-2k78bw7

Central Angles HW-2igr350

Central Angles Homework – KEY-1bns7zb

Wednesday-Inscribed Angles and Inscribed Quadrilaterals


Day 2 – Inscribed Angles Practice WS-13vgdg6

Inscribed Angles Homework – KEY-1zlheru

Inscribed Angles HW-1tg21qh

Inscribed Angles Practice WS – KEY-vbhi7b

Circles-Inscribed Angles-12ohran

Thursday-Review of Angles

Central and Inscribed Angles-1qtrney

Friday-Secants, Tangents, Angles and Intercepted Arcs

notes:3-angle and arc-vertex is interior-u76hz1

notes: 4-angle and arc vertex is EXTERIOR-1nx83qg

All Angles Homework – KEY-2521j5v

All Angles Homework-2i32lkm

Angles-Vertex Exterior-1qoa475

Angles-Vertex Interior-282pnez




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