Algebra 2-week of Nov. 5

Packet: 5 a packet fall 2018-16ymqui

Monday-Exponentials and Logarithmic Equations






Friday-Applications of Logarithms


Analyze functions using different representations

MGSE9-12.F.IF.7 Graph functions expressed algebraically and show key features of the graph both by hand and by using technology.

MGSE9-12.F.IF.7e Graph exponential and logarithmic functions, showing intercepts and end behavior, and trigonometric functions, showing period, midline, and amplitude.

MGSE9-12.F.IF.8 Write a function defined by an expression in different but equivalent forms to reveal and explain different properties of the function.

MGSE9-12.F.IF.8b Use the properties of exponents to interpret expressions for exponential functions. For example, identify percent rate of change in functions such as y = (1.02)t, y = (0.97)t, y = (1.01)(12t), y = (1.2)(t/10), and classify them as representing exponential growth and decay.

Building Functions F.BF
Build a function that models a relationship between two quantities

MGSE9-12.F.BF.1 Write a function that describes a relationship between two quantities.

MGSE9-12.F.BF.5 Understand the inverse relationship between exponents and logarithms and use this relationship to solve problems involving logarithms and exponents.

Linear, Quadratic, and Exponential Models F.LE
Construct and compare linear, quadratic, and exponential models and solve problems
MGSE9-12.F.LE.4 For exponential models, express as a logarithm the solution to ab(ct) = d where a, c, and d are numbers and the base b is 2, 10, or e; evaluate the logarithm using technology.


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