Geometry-week of Feb. 25

Monday-Review of Secants and Tangents and Angles


Tuesday-Arc Length

notes: 5-arc-length-29irq89

Arc Length HW-29q7ljb

Arc Length Homework-1eqeg3w

unit 3 quiz review-2nnqr6q — quiz review

Wednesday-Angles and Arc Length Quiz/Sectors (and Segments)

notes:6-area of sectors and segments-2be4gvj

Sector Area HW-2gi8r74

Arc Length and Sector Area-HW-2a7zy4u





Circle Angles Arcs Circ Area Review w notes-10xidzo






Geometry-week of Feb. 11

Monday-Circle Vocabulary and Central Angles

notes:1-Circles-vocab and central angles-2e6bi0q

Central Angles-Day 1-1jy900y

Central Angles HW-2iookb8

Tuesday-Central Angles

Central Angles-1lincgq

Wednesday-Inscribed Angles and Inscribed Quadrilaterals


Circles-Inscribed Angles-12wf8gw

Thursday-Review of Angles/Quiz

Central and Inscribed Angles-1r1p4bs

quiz review-2lvk69u **QUIZ REVIEW ANSWERS**

Friday-Tangents, Secants and Angles

notes:3-angle and arc-vertex is interior-uf3z43 4-angle and arc vertex is EXTERIOR-1o55kv8

Angles-Vertex Exterior-1qw7l2b

Angles-Vertex Interior-28an4a4


Geometry: Week of February 4th

Monday: SOHCAHTOA- Missing sides


Trig – Finding Sides-16z12a4

Trig-Finding sides as expressions-1bm2byd


Tuesday: SOHCAHTOA- Missing Angles


Trig – Finding Angles-1md35av

Trig – Find Missing Sides & Missing Angles HW-28g9nh5


Wednesday: SOHCAHTOA Applications/Quiz

notes: 8-Trig applications-1jszdxb

Applications with SOH CAH TOA-1cjgd1q

Thursday: Review and CTLS Quiz

Similarity and Trig Review 2-29pe9mu

Similarity and Trig Review 2-KEY-1jf342m

Similarity and Trig Review with Notes-15bihh3

Similarity and Trig Review with Notes-KEY-1pefhf9

SOHCAHTOA Applications Practice Homework v2-1gwf7ee

Friday: Test