Geometry-week of March 25

Monday-Distance Formula, Midpoint, Pythagorean Theorem and Properties of Quadrilaterals

notes:6-Pyth and Distance-2gwrqd4

Dist and Triangles CW-2lhfvm8

Perimeter and Area HW-1mxs0cf


geometry quiz review-2ivhb42


Tuesday and Wednesday-Verifying Properties of Parallelograms, Rhombuses, Rectangles and other shapes

notes:7-Prop of Parallelograms and Rectangle-1ircvim

notes; 8-Prop of Rhombus Square Kite and Trapezoid-wzina5

Parallelograms WS-2had17s

Proofs of Quad in Coord Plane-2fqs7rz



Coord Plane REVIEW-14kazp8

Coord Plane REVIEW-answers-rxdqlf

Coord Plane Review #1-2axd3i5

Coord Plane Rev ANSWERS-2n6a1p8

Coordinate Plane Review-1f5tmuy



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