Algebra 1-week of April 22

Monday-Identifying Linear, Quadratic and Exponential Functions; Comparing Key Features


Tuesday-Comparing Key Features of Functions; Interpreting Slope and Intercepts


Wednesday-Functions (yes or no); Even or Odd; Arithmetic or Geometric ?






Basic Constructions

Copy a segment:

Perpendicular Bisector:

Copy and angle:

Bisect and angle:

Perpendicular bisector through a point not on the line:

Perpendicular through a point on the line:


Geometry-week of April 22

Monday and Tuesday-Constructions

Constructions #1-2lz4xtl

Constructions2-Perp Bis and Circ-1cqerhj


Constructions Review-1builmw

Wednesday-Translations and Reflections

Reflection over the Axes-1mr0yxe

Reflection WS-2197lpi

Translation of Shapes WS-2lzjulf

Translation WS-2lm3w3w


Rotation Homework-28dpi6u

Rotations HW-wlxpgn

rotations about a point-zlecid

Friday-EOC Review (Unit 5)


Algebra 1: EOC Review Sessions

Review sessions: Algebra I EOC Review Plan S19-23s30c1

Unit 1- Relationships Between Quantities

April 22

3:30-4:30 Room 9218


Unit 2: Modeling Linear Equations and Inequalities

April 23

7:30-8:15 Room 408

3:30-4:30 FA Cafe


Unit 3: Quadratics

April 24

7:30-8:15 Room 412

3:30-4:30 Room 9218


Unit 4: Exponentials

April 25

7:30-8:15 Room 416

3:30-4:30 Room 9218


Unit 5: Comparing Functions

April 29

3:30-4:30 FA Cafe


Unit 6: Statistics

April 30

7:30-8:15 Room 412

3:30-4:30 FA Cafe


Calculator review, Best Method and Mixed Review

May 1

7:30-8:15 Room 303

3:30-4:30 FA Cafe

Geometry-Test Replacement Directions

Geometry Delta Math/USA Test Prep Extra Credit Opportunity
Geometry students are allowed to replace one test grade by completing reviews on Delta Math and a practice EOC Test on USA Test Prep, under the following conditions:
• A student may not replace a test that is a zero.
• The student must have a homework AND classwork average of 80% or higher.
• The student must attend a minimum of two EOC review sessions before or after school.
• The student must have a 100% on ALL THREE Delta Math EOC review assignments (Congruence and Similarity-Units 1 and 2, Circles-Units 3 and 4 and Coordinate Geometry and Probability-Units 5 and 6).
• The student must pass at least one practice test on USA Test Prep.
• If more than one USA Test Prep test is completed, then the best USA Test Prep score will count as the test replacement grade.
• The student must turn in work from the USA Test Prep test in order for the test to count. The work must be numbered and all steps must be shown. No tests will be accepted without the work that matches the test.
• The tests in USA Test Prep must be in one of the following domains:
Congruence and Similarity (to replace one of the Triangle tests-Test 1 or Test 2)
Circles (to replace one of the Circle tests-Test 3 or 4)
Equations and Measurement (to replace test 5)
Statistics and Probability (to replace test 6)
• The USA Test Prep practice test(s) must be completed by the end of the day Tuesday, April 30th.

USA Test Prep directions:
Log in to USA Test Prep. (You must have joined the class by the end of the day Tuesday, April 16th.)
To join class: Students need to log into USA Test Prep, then they must join the class. Log into USA Test Prep and click on the orange button that says ‘Join a Class’, then select the teacher name, then select your Geometry class.
To take test: Click on ‘EOC’ at the top of the page. Scroll down to ‘Geometry’ (NOT Analytic Geometry). Click on the orange ‘Take a Test’ icon on the left. Go down to ‘Choose Domain’. Select one of these categories: ‘Congruence and Similarity, ‘Circles’, ‘Equations and Measurement’ or ‘Statistics and Probability’.
Choose your teacher and your class. (You must select these or your test will not be submitted.)
We will not count the score you get when you retry the questions. You may take as many tests as you want until the end of the day Tuesday, April 30th.

Geometry-week of April 15

Monday-Probability Review Stations

Probability Review Stations-16hj7ow

Probability work for stations-1hxpuq7

Tuesday-Probability Quiz


Wednesday-Probability Review

Prob Mixed Review Homework-1g7bb88

Prob Mixed Review Homework – KEY-2icu085

Probability Review v2-22s4683

Probability Review-18r9hwz

Probabilty Review – KEY-16735fl

Probabilty Review v2 – ANSWERS-13kvukc


Thursday-Probability Test



Basic Directions: Basic Constructions-v5afyl