Geometry-week of August 13

Monday-Triangles Inequalities/Transformations Quiz

notes:6-Triangle Inequalities-2604bi7

Triangle Inequality CW-1j7yd1n

Triangle Inequality HW-pqea8d

Tuesday-Congruent Triangles-SSS and SAS

notes:7-SSS and SAS-283x1bc

SSS and SAS #2-18kwjm8

SSS and SAS Congruence-17e43mr

Congruent Triangles-Additional Info-14ja59u

Wednesday-Congruent Triangles-ASA, AAS and HL

notes:8-ASA and AAS-29r1sey

ASA and AAS Congruence-1l7w1cw

SSS SAS ASA AAS HL #2-12g5uf4

SSS SAS ASA and AAS Congruence-18uay90

Congruence and Triangles-1ojq8k2

Thursday and Friday-CPCTC and Proofs


notes:Proof Reasons-2h4oy4h Proof tips-1byv7l3

Triangle Proofs Homework-srrh6z



Algebra 2-week of August 6

Monday-Quiz; Square Root Method

notes:Solving Quad-Square Roots-27id52b

solving by sq root-uajeky


notes: factoring gcf-1cx9wkk factoring quad-last term negative-tmh7fm factoring quad-last term positive-1x1ypx3 factoring quad-special cases-unqy6d factoring_gcf_and_leading_coeff_of_1-21jn3pk

factoring graphic organizer-154ezxd Factoring Quadratics Notes-2o0r1bc

Factoring GCF & Trinomials-2nmdbjl


Factoring a greater than 1-28oa01j

Factoring Special Cases-1hs22hb

Thursday-Solve by Factoring

notes: Solve by Factoring-1lsctp5

Solving Quadratics-best method notes-1hgfjfo


Friday-Solve by Completing the Square

notes:Completing the Square-solving-1hjevwt

Completing the Square-26p9szv

SolvingQuadsByCompltSqr-2691e71 SolvingQuadsByCompltSqr-KEY-11dc5b7



Geometry-week of Aug. 6

Monday-Parallel Lines

notes: 2-Parallel Lines-Angles Cut by Transversals-26yifmr

Parallel Lines Homework-one page-1165oxj

Parallel Lines-19l13bu

Parallel Lines2-16bdiug


Tuesday-Triangle Exterior Angles and Isosceles Triangles

notes: 3-Triangle Ext Angles and Isosc Tri-1saul5u

Exterior Angle Theorem-27wd11z

Isosceles triangles and base angles-1b2x45j


Wednesday-Translations and Reflections

notes:4-Translations and Reflections-thhp2e

Translation WS-2l8kx8r

Translation of Shapes WS-2lm0vqz




Rotation Homework-2806jhx

rotations about a point-z7vdt7


Friday-Combinations of Transformations

Combinations of Transformations Cwk-Hwk-2o63sko



The following test should be completed by Monday, August 6th. This pretest will not be recorded as a grade that counts, but it will be used to help the Geometry teachers prepare instruction and we will use it to help measure student growth. Please number your paper and put the multiple choice answer for each question. You DO NOT need to print this document.

Copy of Geometry diagnostic-revised Aug18-1o53h3o