USA Test Prep Extra Credit

Below is the USA Test Prep test replacement opportunity. Students must meet the qualifications and follow all procedures in order to receive the extra credit. Please read all of the information!

Geometry students are allowed to replace one test grade and one quiz grade by completing practice EOC Tests on USA Test Prep, under the following conditions:
• A student may not replace a test or quiz that is a zero.
• The student must have a homework average of 80% or higher. (The student must have an 80% for homework average on November 30th.)
• The student must complete at least two practice tests and receive a score of 50 or higher on at least two of the practice tests. The best score will count as their test replacement grade and the next best will replace their lowest quiz grade.
The student must turn in work in order for the tests to count. The work must be numbered and all steps must be shown. No tests will be accepted without the work that matches the test. (If you are unsure what to write down, copy the problem and answer(s).)
• The tests must be in one of the following domains:
Congruence and Similarity, or
• The practice tests must be completed by the end of the day Thursday, November 30th.
A student may be asked to solve a problem or explain their work for a problem, or multiple problems, from the USA Test Prep test. If the student cannot demonstrate adequate knowledge of how to solve the problem(s), they will lose points for those problems.

USA Test Prep directions:

Log in to USA Test Prep. (You must have joined the class by the end of the day November 14th.)

Click on ‘Milestones EOC’ at the top of the page. Scroll down to ‘Geometry’ (NOT Analytic Geometry).

Click on the orange ‘Take a Test’ icon on the left.

Go down to ‘Choose Domain’.

Select either ‘Congruence and Similarity’, or ‘Circles’.

Choose your teacher and your class. (You must select these or your test will not be submitted.)

You are not allowed to retry any questions you miss. You may take as many tests as you want until the end of the day November 30th.

Geometry-week of Nov. 13



Tuesday and Wednesday-Constructions Stations/Review


Thursday-Review of Probability

Constructions Review-1b3iuon Probability Review-1r0sz2m

Friday-Review of Coordinate Geometry

1-Distance, Midpoint and Pythag.-Stations-2a1pd8v

2-Equations of Circles #2-Stations-1cpsiu8

3-Equations of Circles-Stations-2907tiv

4-Equations of Lines-Stations-2lxbxfp

5-Proofs of Quad in Coord Plane-14zbxs7

6-Proofs of Quad in Coord Plane2-1htc80s


8-Perimeter and Area of Shapes-2m3tj5f