Geometry-week of Feb. 25

Monday-Review of Secants and Tangents and Angles


Tuesday-Arc Length

notes: 5-arc-length-29irq89

Arc Length HW-29q7ljb

Arc Length Homework-1eqeg3w


Wednesday-Angles and Arc Length Quiz/Sectors (and Segments)

notes:6-area of sectors and segments-2be4gvj

Sector Area HW-2gi8r74

Arc Length and Sector Area-HW-2a7zy4u





Circle Angles Arcs Circ Area Review w notes-10xidzo






Geometry-week of Feb. 11

Monday-Circle Vocabulary and Central Angles

notes:1-Circles-vocab and central angles-2e6bi0q

Central Angles-Day 1-1jy900y

Central Angles HW-2iookb8

Tuesday-Central Angles

Central Angles-1lincgq

Wednesday-Inscribed Angles and Inscribed Quadrilaterals


Circles-Inscribed Angles-12wf8gw

Thursday-Review of Angles/Quiz

Central and Inscribed Angles-1r1p4bs

quiz review-2lvk69u **QUIZ REVIEW ANSWERS**

Friday-Tangents, Secants and Angles

notes:3-angle and arc-vertex is interior-uf3z43 4-angle and arc vertex is EXTERIOR-1o55kv8

Angles-Vertex Exterior-1qw7l2b

Angles-Vertex Interior-28an4a4


Geometry: Week of February 4th

Monday: SOHCAHTOA- Missing sides


Trig – Finding Sides-16z12a4

Trig-Finding sides as expressions-1bm2byd


Tuesday: SOHCAHTOA- Missing Angles


Trig – Finding Angles-1md35av

Trig – Find Missing Sides & Missing Angles HW-28g9nh5


Wednesday: SOHCAHTOA Applications/Quiz

notes: 8-Trig applications-1jszdxb

Applications with SOH CAH TOA-1cjgd1q

Thursday: Review and CTLS Quiz

Similarity and Trig Review 2-29pe9mu

Similarity and Trig Review 2-KEY-1jf342m

Similarity and Trig Review with Notes-15bihh3

Similarity and Trig Review with Notes-KEY-1pefhf9

SOHCAHTOA Applications Practice Homework v2-1gwf7ee

Friday: Test

Snow Day


There is a Delta Math review assignment online. The review assignment should be done by Thursday  (1/31). The powerpoint for “Proportions in Triangles” and videos are posted in the weekly post. Try some of the problems in your packet (the next page after mid segment).


Enjoy your snow day.


Geometry-week of Jan. 28

Monday-Proving Triangles Similar; Midsegment of a Triangle

notes: 2-Triangle Midsegment-1f4t3lu

Are these Triangles Similar-1epnjem

Midsegment of a Triangle-20nz0qv



Tuesday-Triangle Proportional Theorem

notes:3-Triangle Proportional Theorem-ubcaqe

Proportionality in Triangles-1uxppfw

Proportional Parts in Triangles and Parallel Lines-2oa1jbm

Proportions in Triangles-10b5acq


Wednesday-Midsegment and Proportionality Review


Thursday-Proving Triangles Similar; Midsegment and Proportionality Quiz

notes:4-Proving triangles similar-ywbejw

Proving Triangles Similar WS-233xi7p

Proving Triangles Similar-19xrnnr


Friday-Right Triangle Trig; SOHCAHTOA

notes:5-SOHCAHTOA-ratios and complement-2jbvndv

Trig Ratios-264istr