Geometry-week of March 26

Monday-Points on Circles; Distance Formula and Pythagorean Theorem

notes:6-Pyth and Distance-2ge1rt4

notes:Points on Circles-222nr6c

Distance, Midpoint and Pythagorean Practice-1zpkbh1


Tuesday-Properties of Parallelograms and Rectangles

notes:7-Prop of Parallelograms and Rectangle-1i8mwzx

Parallelograms WS-2grn319


Wednesday-Properties of Rhombus, Square, Kite and Trapezoid

notes:8-Prop of Rhombus Square Kite and Trapezoid-wgsosk

Proofs of Quad in Coord Plane-2f829lg



Coord Plane REVIEW-141l185

Coord Plane REVIEW-answers-rens41

Coord Plane Rev ANSWERS-2mnk3ig

Coord Plane Review #1-2aen5e7

Coord Plane Rev-p.1 KEY-qbuikr

Coord Rev #2-p.1 KEY-rsekd1

Coord Rev. #2-p.2 KEY-1akynr2

Coord Review-p.2 KEY-1up8ho1

Coordinate Plane Review #2-1egzub6

Coordinate Plane Review-1en3oit



Geometry-week of March 19

Monday-Equations of Lines

notes:1-Equations of Lines-22q9ipf

Writing Eq of Lines-1mwevv4

Writing Eq of Lines-KEY-1mr3t6a

Tuesday-Equations of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

notes:2-Equations of Parallel and Perp Lines-204vevl

Writing Eq-Parallel and Perp-HW-25esz7v

Writing Eq-Parallel and Perp-HW-Answers-23hdv4a

Wednesday-Equations of Circles

notes:3-Graphing and Writing Equations of Circles-2l5cygl

Equations of Circles-1bjt8ik

Equations of Circles-Changing Forms-2myg0es

Equations of Circles-extra-2iztsxa

Thursday-Intersections of Lines and Circles

notes:4-Intersection of Circles and Lines-2ln4pg2

Int. of Circles and Lines Homework v2-1ln8kjn

Friday-Midpoint and Partitioning of Line Segments

notes:5-Midpt and Partition-2j08zkg

Partition CW-29mx0w8

Partition HW-1xws1vw



Geometry-week of March 12

Review for Monday’s Quiz: Segments of Circles Quiz REVIEW-wbni0b


Monday-Volume of Prisms and Cylinders/Segments of Circles Quiz

notes: 5-Volume of Prisms and Cylinders-2i3mhuh

Volume of Prisms-14j86dq

Volume of Prisms Practice-27mw8qw


Tuesday-Volume of Pyramids and Cones

notes:6-Vol of Pyramids Cones Spheres-1qyaxk9

Volume-Pyramid and Cones-unbdew

Wednesday-Volume of Spheres; All Shapes

notes: 6-Vol of Pyramids Cones Spheres-1qylh6v

Volume of Spheres HW-26ncthc

Volume-All Solids-1wglrvg


Review with QR Code answers-115kaaf

Vol and Seg Review with Notes-24od7oe

Volume and Seg Review with Notes – KEY-yb49hc

Volume and Segment Review #2-1s0dur0

Volume and Segments Review v2-1vnw5ik

Volume and Segments Review with Notes-2hg97ga



Geometry-week of March 5


Circle Angles Arcs Circumference Area Review with notes-1shxj6a

Circle Angles Arcs Circumference Area Review with notes – KEY-16belmo





Wednesday-Circles/Segment Lengths and Chords

notes:1-Segment Lengths and Chord Properties-251ynhu

Radius and Chord-1tunwg8

Chords in Circles-2bcgwtg

Thursday-Tangents of Circles

notes:2-Tangent Problems (Pyth)-29keu6m

Tangent Lines Homework-1j8mlvj

Tangents and Party Hats-rx4qko

Friday-Chord Lengths in Circles

notes:3-Chord Lengths (Part Part)-1geo4s5

Part Part Chord Property-1vdcl25

Geometry-week of February 26

TEST – Monday, March 5


Monday-Review Angles and Circles

notes: 1-Circles-vocab and central angles-2dny776


3-angle and arc-vertex is interior-twqo9s

4-angle and arc vertex is EXTERIOR-1nmsa0y

CW and HW: Circles-All Angles-1lvwfwe

Circles-All Angles-2-sp55ae


Tuesday-Arc Length

notes: 5-arc-length-2905cyi

Arc Length HW-297l8be


Wednesday-Sector and Segment (Area)

notes: 6-area of sectors and segments-2avi3lr

Arc Length and Sector Area-HW-29pdkww

Arc Length and Sector Area-KEY-15s1462

Sector Area HW-2fzme19



notes: CircleAnglesReview-v5mvn9

Circle Angles Arcs Circumference Area Review with notes – KEY-16belmo

Circle Angles Arcs Circumference Area Review with notes-1shxj6a





Geometry-week of Feb. 12

Test Tuesday

Review for weekend:

Do each problem on this Review/PPT. It has the solutions to each problem.

9-Similarity & Trig ReviewKM-231690z

This is a good review to work on this weekend also. We will finish this review Monday in class.

Similarity and Trig Review with Notes-14t534o

Similarity and Trig Review with Notes-KEY-1ow232v


Next week…


Similarity and Trig Review 2-2970vbb

Similarity and Trig Review 2-KEY-1iwppr4

Similarity and Trig Review with Notes-14t535l

Similarity and Trig Review with Notes-KEY-1ow233r

Similarity Summary-1rrgssa


Tuesday-Similarity and Trig Test


Wednesday-Circles Vocab and Central Angles


1-Circles-vocab and central angles-2dnl5zh

Central Angles-1kzx0fw

Central Angles HW-2i5y8ae

Central Angles Homework – KEY-1bczd56


Thursday-Inscribed Angles



Inscribed Angles HW-1t596sw

Inscribed Angles Homework – KEY-1zaojuq


Friday-Review Central and Inscribed Angles





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· ALL students from ALL of your classes must be surveyed except for Balentine and Thomson as indicated below.
· Students must choose the correct grade level for their survey.
· Please use Chrome for the survey.
· Please stress to students that survey responses are anonymous.
· Students should answer the questions to the best of their knowledge.
· Here’s the link for the student survey:
· There are 13 screens of survey questions with 121 statements.


· PLEASE have students leave the survey site on the computer screen. They only need to click on the at the top when they complete the survey.

Geometry-week of Feb. 5


notes: 2-Triangle Midsegment-1emfnjl

Midsegment of a Triangle-205lkmv



Tuesday-Introduction to Trigonometry

notes: 5-SOHCAHTOA-ratios and complement-2iti7aq

Trig Ratios-25m5cga


Trig Ratios-Punchline-1178sh8

Trig Ratios-Punchline-ANSWERS-s9etqc

Wednesday-Finding side lengths of triangles with Trig

notes: 6-SOHCAHTOA-sides-1jk9d8m

Trig – Finding Sides-16gal9n

Finding sides as expressions-1y1ugsp

Thursday-Finding angles of triangles with Trig

notes: 7-SOHCAHTOA-angles-1ls7iyq

Trig – Finding Angles-1lucobh

Trig – Find Missing Sides & Missing Angles HW-27xj6h2

Friday-Applications of Trig

notes: 8-Trig applications-1ja8wtx

Area of Triangles using Trig-279vrq6