SAT Prep-week of April 11

Monday, April 11-SAT Overview

The 2016 SAT changes

The New SAT strategies

Tuesday, April 12-Practice Test section 1; Weird problems

Weird Problems

Wednesday, April 13-Practice Test section #2; Weird problems

Thursday, April 14-Just the Facts of Numbers and Operations

Just the Facts-Numbers and Operations

Friday, April 15-Divisibility and Factors

Div and Factors p. 1

Div. and Factors p. 2

Div. Riddle #1

Div. Riddle #2

SAT Prep-week of March 14

Monday, March 14-Algebra Review

algebra review

around the world algebra

Tuesday, March 15-Algebra Test

Wednesday, March 16-Just the Facts of Geometry

Just the Facts-Geometry p. 1

Just the Facts-Geometry p. 2

coordinate geometry

Thursday, March 17-Measurement/Lines; Angles

measurements lines


angle relations

Friday, March 18-Pythagorean; Parallel/Perpendicular Lines

Pythagorean triples review

parellel perpendicular lines

SAT Prep-week of April 18

Monday, April 18-Number Theory


Tuesday, April 19-Sequences and Series

Seq & Ser Practice-combined

Combo Seq & Ser Practice 3

Combo Seq & Ser Practice

Wednesday, April 20-Just the Facts of Algebra

Just the Facts – Algebra p. 1

Just the Facts – Algebra p. 2

Thursday, April 21-Linear Equations

Linear Equations

Friday, April 22-Quadratic Equations

Quadratic Equations

Systems of Quad Equations