Geometry-week of April 22

Monday and Tuesday-Constructions

Constructions #1-2lz4xtl

Constructions2-Perp Bis and Circ-1cqerhj


Constructions Review-1builmw

Wednesday-Translations and Reflections

Reflection over the Axes-1mr0yxe

Reflection WS-2197lpi

Translation of Shapes WS-2lzjulf

Translation WS-2lm3w3w


Rotation Homework-28dpi6u

Rotations HW-wlxpgn

rotations about a point-zlecid

Friday-EOC Review (Unit 5)


Geometry-week of Jan. 8

Monday-Linear Pair and Vertical Angles Review

Linear Pair and Vertical Angles-1ncu209

Vertical Angles and Linear Pair-challenging-2kzbre7

Tuesday-Parallel Lines

Notes:2-Parallel Lines-Angles Cut by Transversals-26nxc5q

Parallel Lines-19ag1ag

Parallel Lines2-160sgt2

Parallel Lines Homework-one page-10vkmwy

Wednesday-Triangle Exterior Angles and Isosceles Triangles

Notes:3-Triangle Ext Angles and Isosc Tri-1s09hoc

Exterior Angle Theorem-27lryq9

Isosceles triangles and base angles-1asc1tj

Thursday-Translations, Reflections and Rules

Notes: 4-Translations and Reflections-t6wll1

Rules: p. 12 Transform formulas-16dm83t

Reflection WS-20l3kds

Reflection over the Axes-1m2wxnu

Translation of Shapes WS-2lbft9j

Translation WS-2kxzus1

Friday-Rotation and Rules

Notes: 5-Rotations-1ay6fat

Rules: p. 12 Transform formulas-16dm83t

Rotation Homework-27plgys

rotations about a point-yxab9p

Rotations HW-vxto8b