Geometry-week of Sept. 4

Tuesday-Applications of Trig/Co-functions

notes: 8-Trig applications-1jl1kpf

Trig-Area of Triangles using Trig-1261qhb

SOHCAHTOA Applications Practice Homework v2-1gohe0d


Wednesday and Thursday-Review

9-Similarity & Trig ReviewKM-23bluhv

Similarity and Trig Review with Notes-153knyp

Similarity and Trig Review with Notes-KEY-1p6hnww

Similarity and Trig Review 2-KEY-1j75ak8

Similarity and Trig Review 2-29hgg4g



Geometry-week of August 27

Next test: Friday, September 7th


Monday-Proving Triangles Similar

notes:4-Proving triangles similar-yoe5ys

Proving Triangles Similar WS-22w09dv


Tuesday-Right Triangle Trigonometry intro (SOHCAHTOA)

notes: 5-SOHCAHTOA-ratios and complement-2j3yesp

Trig Ratios-25wljyy Trig Ratios-Punchline-11hozzy

Right Triangle Trig-y4plil


Wednesday and Thursday-Right Triangle Trigonometry (SOHCAHTOA)-finding sides


Trig – Finding Sides-16qqsrx

Trig-Finding sides as expressions-1bds2da


Friday-Right Triangle Trigonometry (SOHCAHTOA)-finding angles


Trig – Finding Angles-1m4svt8






Algebra 2-week of August 20

Much of the classwork and homework is in the following packet for this unit:

Unit 2 2018-2019-1vbnnrd


Monday-Characteristics of Graphs

notes: Characteristics of Quadratics-#2 with notes-17ai6c0

Characteristics of Quadratics-#2-1dnz4qi

Characteristics of Quadratics-1izf6q9


Tuesday-Characteristics of Graphs Quiz; Polynomial Operations


Wednesday-Pascal’s Triangle and Polynomials


Thursday-Function Operations and Composites




Geometry-week of August 20




Wednesday-Dilation and Scale Factor

notes:1-Dilations & Similar Triangles Rectangles-14sytua



Thursday-Midsegment of a Triangle

notes:2-Triangle Midsegment-1ewiwn5

Midsegment of a Triangle-20fots1



Friday-Triangle Proportionality

notes:3-Triangle Proportional Theorem-u323rs

Proportional Parts in Triangles and Parallel Lines-2o1rcb6

Proportionality in Triangles-1upfihj


Geometry-week of August 13

Monday-Triangles Inequalities/Transformations Quiz

notes:6-Triangle Inequalities-2604bi7

Triangle Inequality CW-1j7yd1n

Triangle Inequality HW-pqea8d

Tuesday-Congruent Triangles-SSS and SAS

notes:7-SSS and SAS-283x1bc

SSS and SAS #2-18kwjm8

SSS and SAS Congruence-17e43mr

Congruent Triangles-Additional Info-14ja59u

Wednesday-Congruent Triangles-ASA, AAS and HL

notes:8-ASA and AAS-29r1sey

ASA and AAS Congruence-1l7w1cw

SSS SAS ASA AAS HL #2-12g5uf4

SSS SAS ASA and AAS Congruence-18uay90

Congruence and Triangles-1ojq8k2

Thursday and Friday-CPCTC and Proofs


notes:Proof Reasons-2h4oy4h Proof tips-1byv7l3

Triangle Proofs Homework-srrh6z



Algebra 2-week of August 6

Monday-Quiz; Square Root Method

notes:Solving Quad-Square Roots-27id52b

solving by sq root-uajeky


notes: factoring gcf-1cx9wkk factoring quad-last term negative-tmh7fm factoring quad-last term positive-1x1ypx3 factoring quad-special cases-unqy6d factoring_gcf_and_leading_coeff_of_1-21jn3pk

factoring graphic organizer-154ezxd Factoring Quadratics Notes-2o0r1bc

Factoring GCF & Trinomials-2nmdbjl


Factoring a greater than 1-28oa01j

Factoring Special Cases-1hs22hb

Thursday-Solve by Factoring

notes: Solve by Factoring-1lsctp5

Solving Quadratics-best method notes-1hgfjfo


Friday-Solve by Completing the Square

notes:Completing the Square-solving-1hjevwt

Completing the Square-26p9szv

SolvingQuadsByCompltSqr-2691e71 SolvingQuadsByCompltSqr-KEY-11dc5b7