October 16

Spanish II Week at a Glance (Oct 16-20)

This week is a busy week full of assessments! Please see the schedule below:

Monday- Review for Unit 3B Test and work on Oral Assessments

Key for 3B Test Review

Tuesday- Unit 3B Test

Wednesday- Review for U3 Cumulative Exam and Work on Projects


Thursday– Unit 3 Cumulative Exam

Friday– Present Oral Assessments in class.

Last week I gave all students a summary of their grades. Any failing assessment may be retaken to earn points back. Please see me to schedule a make up date.

Learning Link (free tutoring service) is available to all students on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:45- 5:30 pm. Please see Mrs. Vazquez for more information.

October 9

Spanish II Week at a Glance (Week of October 9th)

This week in Spanish II we will be focusing on the Preterite tense. We just finished up Unit 3A today with the 3A mini-test.

Monday, October 9th– Unit 3A test; introduced regular preterite tense. [HW- complete practice worksheet from class]

Tuesday, October 10th- more practice with preterite; finish notes on irregular verbs, review vocabulary

Wednesday, October 11th- Thursday, October 13th- Formative Vocabulary/Grammar Quiz

Friday, October 12th- 3B Open- Note Quiz.

Next Week- Unit 3B Mini-test!

Free tutoring is available to you on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:45-5:30 pm. This Thursday is cancelled due to Early Release!

October 9

Spanish I Week at a Glance

I 3B -er, -ir, yo go verbs Apuntes-28rxgf8This week in Spanish I we will begin Unit 3B which focuses on -ER/-IR verbs and Tener Expressions.

Click here to review Chapter 3 Vocabulary

Monday, Oct. 9th– Introduced -er/-ir verbs, tener expression.  [HW- complete 1-10 on both sides of practice sheet]

Tuesday, Oct 10th- Review tener expressions, work on part 2 of rough draft, practice with er/ir verbs

Weds, Oct. 11th- Formative Vocabulary/Grammar Quiz 

It will cover : Family vocabulary, adjectives, tener expressions, er/ir verb conjugations and the verbs tener and venir.

Thursday, October 12th- Test Review

Friday, October 13th – Unit 3B Test!

I 3B -er, -ir, yo go verbs Apuntes-zuw2bx

I3B -er, -ir, yo go verbs Apuntes-28rxgf8


October 3

Spanish I and II Week at a Glance

This week we are focusing on Part A of Unit 3:

In Spanish I we are currently working on Family vocabulary (CH 3)  and descriptive words. This week’s assessment schedule is as follows:

10/3 Formative Vocab/Grammar mini-quiz

10/4 Open-Note Quiz (Family vocab, possessive and descriptive adjectives)

10/6 Unit 3A Mini-test

In Spanish II we are working on Daily Routine Vocabulary (CH 7), Reflexive Verbs and Affirmative/Negative Words. This week’s schedule is as follows:

10/3 Formative vocab/grammar mini-quiz

10/6 Open-Note Quiz U3A

10/10 Unit 3A Mini-test

Please know that any retakes or makeup tests can be taken on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. Please email Mrs. Vazquez with make up requests. [email protected] 


September 20

Spanish I Update (Week of Sept. 19th)

This week we finished up Unit 2: La Clase with our Unit 2 Exam on Tuesday, Sept. 19th.

We will begin Unit 3: La Familia on Wednesday, Sept. 20th. We will be focusing on Possessive Adjectives and Descriptive Adjectives. Students received a new vocab list and should be studying all vocabulary daily.

Please click HERE to practice vocabulary.

Please click HERE for a quick video on POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES.



August 31

Spanish II Important Dates for Unit 2

This week we started Unit 2: De Compras:

Next week we will be reviewing the verbs Saber and Conocer and Demonstrative Adjectives.

Here is the schedule for next week:

U2 Vocab Formative- Tuesday, Sept. 5th

U2 Grammar A Formative- Weds., Sept. 6th

U2A Open-Note Quiz- Thursday, Sept. 7th

U2A Mini-Test- Friday, Sept. 8th

August 31

Spanish I Update

Due to the crazy schedule this week we have moved a couple of things around.

The Grammar formative will be given at the beginning of the class on Friday, Sept. 1st. 

Unit 2A Open-Note Quiz will be given on Friday, Sept. 1st.

Unit 2A Test will be given on Tuesday, Sept. 5th! 

2A Test will cover:

days, date, birthday

time (A Las/ A la)

Chapt 2 Vocab


-AR Verbs



Don’t forget that tutoring is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-4:30 pm. If you are struggling, that is a good time to come in and get help!



August 28

Spanish I (Week of 8/28)

This week we are starting Unit 2: En La Escuela

Here is our schedule at a glance:

Monday- Review GUSTAR , Introduce -AR verbs, Review vocabulary

Tuesday- Review vocabulary and -at verbs, Formative Grammar Assessment

Wednesday- Review vocab, Formative Vocab Assessment, Open-Note Quiz A (-ar verbs/ gustar/vocabulary)

Thursday- Review for test

Friday- Unit 2A test

*** I have updated some of the assessment dates for Unit 2; please take a look at the Spanish I calendar.

August 22

Spanish I Calendar

8/8 1A Open-Note Quiz

8/9 1A Mini-Test

8/17 1B Open-Note Quiz

8/18 Unit 1B Mini-Test

8/24 Oral Exam

8/25 Unit 1 Exam

8/30 2A Open-Note Quiz

9/1 2A Mini-Test

9/11 2B Open-Note Quiz

9/13 2B Mini-Tes

9/15 Unit 2 Test

9/18 Unit 2 Writing Assessment (Formative) 

10/2 3A Open-Note Quiz

10/3 3A Mini-Test

10/15 3B Open-Note Quiz

10/16 3B Mini-Test

10/17 Oral Exam

10/18 Unit 3 Exam

10/26  4A Open-Note Quiz

10/27 4A Mini-Test

11/9 4B Open-Note Quiz

11/10 4B Mini-Test

11/13 Oral Exam

11/14 Unit 4 Exam

11/30 5A Open-Note Quiz

12/1 5A Mini-Test

12/8 5B Open-Note Quiz

12/11 5B Mini-Test

12/13 Unit 5 Test

12/19- 12/20 Final Exams