December 18

Spanish II Final Exam Review

The Chart Below summarizes Spanish II; you should practice on You may also use the links below for extra practice.




mainly verbs


all present tense


1 D1/5 Travel and vacation

Months of the year

Seasons and weather

Ordinal numbers

D1/5 5.1 Estar with conditions and emotions

5.2 The present progressive

5.3 Ser and estar

5.4 Direct object pronouns

2 D1/6 Clothing and shopping

Negotiating a price and buying Colors

More adjectives

D1/6 6.1 Saber and conocer

6.2 Indirect object pronouns

6.4  Demonstrative adjectives

7.4 Verbs like gustar


3 D1/7 Daily routine

Personal hygiene

Time expressions

D1/7 7.1 Reflexive verbs

7.2 Indefinite and negative words

6.3  Preterite tense of regular verbs

7.3 Preterite of ser and ir


4 D2/3 Parts of a house

Household chores

Table settings

(incorporate food review and celebration)




9.1 Irregular preterites

9.2 Verbs that change meaning in the preterite

2.2.1 Familiar commands


5 D2/1 Health and medical terms

Parts of the body

Symptoms and medical conditions

Health professions

D2/1 2.1.1  The imperfect tense

2.1.2  The preterite and the imperfect


Click HERE to review PRESENT tense.


Click HERE to practice SABER V CONOCER

Click HERE to practice REFLEXIVE VERBS.


Click HERE to practice PRETERITE TENSE.




December 18

Spanish III Final Exam Review

Below is the pacing guide for Spanish III. I would recommend using to help you practice for the final exam. There are links provided below for extra practice.

Descubre Level 2 Book


Unit Book/Chapter Vocabulary Grammar Point




1 D2/2 Home electronics

Computers and the Internet

The car and its accessories

3.2 Formal commands

2.2 Por and Para

2.3 Reciprocal reflexives

Preterite vs. Imperfect (add pret e-I, o-u)

2 D2/4 Nature

The Environment

Recycling and conservations

3.3 Present subjunctive

3.4 subjunctive with verbs of influence

4.1 The subjunctive with verbs of emotion

4.2 The subjunctive with doubt, disbelief, denials

3 D2/5 City life

Daily chores

Money and banking

At a post office

4.3 subjunctive with conjunctions

5.1  The subjunctive in adjective clauses

5.2  Nosotros/as commands

5.3 past participles

4 D2/6 Health and well-being

Exercise and physical activity


6.1  The present perfect

6.2  The past perfect

6.3 the present perfect subjunctive

Preterite vs. Imperfect

5 D2/7




Professions and occupations

The workplace

Job interviews


Review the subjunctive

7.1 The future

8.1 The conditional


Click HERE to practice Informal (tu) commands.

Click HERE to practice Formal commands.

Click HERE to practice Nosotros commands.

Click HERE to practice Por vs. Para.

Click HERE to practice preterite vs. imperfect.

Click HERE to practice Present Subjunctive.

Click HERE to practice Present Participles.

December 10

Spanish II Updates (Week of 12/10- 12/14)

This week in Spanish we are wrapping up Unit 5. Don’t forget that the last day to turn in any late work or to retake a test from Unit 1-4 is Weds. December 12th.

Monday- Review preterit vs imperfect. Hand out extra-credit project. Due Friday!

Check your answers here from classwork:

Tuesday- 5B Test

Weds. – Start Unit 1 and Unit 2 Review for Final

Thursday- Start Unit 3-4 Review for Final

Friday- Start Unit 5 Review

Monday- Final Exam Review

Next Friday is the Final Exam.

December 3

Spanish III Updates (Week of 12/3-12/7)

This week we are wrapping up Unit 4 and will begin Unit 5- El mundo de trabajo.

The deadline to retake any quiz/test is Weds, Dec. 12th. No late work will be accepted after this date.

Monday- Review over preterite v imperfect with white board activity, go over past perfect subjunctive, complete Unit 4 study guide for test.

To check your answers check here.


Tuesday- Unit 4 Exam (Test will cover Chapter 6 vocabulary, present perfect, pluscuamperfecto and preterite vs. imperfect)

Weds- Unit 4 Oral Presentations due! (We will be presenting them in class) ; start Unit 5

Thursday- Practice with Unit 5 Vocabulary; teach Future tense

Friday- practice with Future tense


December 3

Spanish II Updates (Week of 12/3- 12/7)

Don’t forget that December 4th is the last day to retake any Unit 1-3 test. December 12th is the deadline to retake/makeup any test from Unit 4 and 5A.

LATE WORK will NOT be accepted after DECEMBER 12TH!!!!!!

Schedule for the week

Monday– review over preterite with preterite practice w.s; do p. 33 in textbook (preterite v imperfect review)

HW- complete wkbk p. 5 (preterite v imperfect review)

Tuesday– Review over hw, go over trigger words for preterite and imperfect

Weds– Review over preterite vs imperfect (sub work)

Thursday– Complete 5B Open- Note Quiz

Friday– Review for test

Monday– Review for Test

Tuesday– 5B Test (Last test before Final Exam)- test will cover D2.1 Vocabulary and Preterite vs. Imperfect

November 12

Spanish III Weekly Updates (Week of 11/12-11/16)

This week in Spanish III we are wrapping up 4A. We are focusing on Present Perfect and Past Perfect.

See Schedule below:

Monday- vocab review, partner speaking activity, practice with present perfect

Click Here to memorize irregular past participles

Tuesday- listening activity, practice with past perfect

Weds- 4A Open- note quiz

Thursday- Gabriel Garcia Marquez reading- Quien es Gabriel Garcia Marquez? Mira aqui!

Uses of preterite and imperfect

Friday- 4A Quiz

Click here to practice (Present Perfect) for quiz!

Click here to practice (Past Perfect) for quiz!

Click here to review vocab!

*** The last day to turn in any LATE WORK is WEDNESDAY, DEC. 12TH.

See upcoming dates below:

11/26- Start 4B Review (Pret. vs. Imperfect)

11/29- 4B Open Note Quiz

11/30- 4B Prueba

12/3 Unit 4 Test Review

12/4 Unit 4 Test

12/5 Unit 4 Project

12/6 Start Unit 5 – Future and Conditional

12/12 Unit 5 Open- Note

12/14 Unit 5 Quiz



November 12

Spanish II Updates (Week of 11/12- 11/16)

This week we are finishing up unit 4 and starting Unit 5.

Please see the schedule below. I have also posted important dates for the end of the semester.

Monday- Test Review; Click HERE to review vocabulary

Review irregular verbs HERE 

More videos HERE

Tuesday- 4B Mini-Test

Weds. – Start Unit 5

Thursday- Introduce Imperfect

Friday- practice with imperfect

No LATE work will be accepted after Weds, December 12th. 

Days to make up failed tests are Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 3:45-5:00 pm in the cafeteria. Please let Mrs. Vazquez know if you need to retake a test. 

Upcoming Dates:

11/13- 4B mini-test

11/28 5A open-note quiz

11/30 5A Test

12/6 5B Open-Note Quiz

12/10 5B Test

Final Project (in-class) 12/12-12/14 (Due 12/14)

Last day to turn in LATE WORK is DEC. 12th