December 8

Spanish II Updates

Chapter 5B Test has been postponed to Monday, Dec. 11th due to Early Release.

The last day to make up any Unit 4 Assessment has been extended to Dec. 11th!

Student who wish to retake any Unit 5 assessment will need to do so by Dec. 14th.

Late work will NOT be accepted after Dec. 14th.


Chapter5Review-2fswj3l – Today we received chapter 5 grammar.

November 7

Spanish II Week at a Glance (Nov. 6- Nov. 10)

This week we are wrapping up Unit 4. All grammar concepts have been taught; we are now applying what we have learned! The deadline to make up / redo assessments from Unit 1-3 has been extended to this Thursday, Nov. 9th. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring your grade up!

Please see schedule below:

Monday- 4B Test Review/ Writing activity – (substitute) 4B_TestReview_Subplans_Nov6-1sq1qxg       II D2.2.1 TU comm RAFT Cenicienta-1si2kkn

Tuesday- Student Holiday

Weds- 4B Open- Note Quiz , review over 4B Formative check, Hand out Unit 4 Oral Project!  Unit 4 Oral Project

Thursday- Listening/ Reading Practice for test Unit4B_TestPractice_Nov9_Answers-1pnm1ep

Friday- Test was moved from Thursday to Friday! Unit 4B Test! 

November 7

Spanish I Week at a Glance (Nov. 6- Nov. 10)

This week we are working on wrapping up Unit 4. All material has been taught; we are just practicing at this point. Students should be studying vocabulary daily. Please take a minute to check Synergy and contact your teacher if you have any outstanding assignments.  The deadline to turn in/make up missing work from Units 1-3 has been extended to this Thursday, November 9th! 

Please see schedule below:

Monday- Unit 4B Review (substitute teacher)  4B Test Review (Sub Plans)

Tuesday- Student Holiday

Wednesday- Open-Note Quiz 4B! Hand out Unit 4 Project. Work on Projects in class. D1.4_OralPresentation_2017-2dp7npl

Thursday- Unit 4B Mini-Test! Work on Projects in class. 

Friday- Unit 4 Project Rough Draft Due! (Formative Grade) 


Please contact Mrs. Vazquez with any questions!

October 31

Spanish II Week at a Glance ( Oct 30- Nov. 3rd)

This week we will begin the second half of Unit 4- En la Vivienda. I can not express enough how important it is for all students to study on a daily basis.

** Remember that this week is the last week for any students to turn in any missing work from Unit 1 and 2! It is also the last week for students to retake any assessments from Units 1 and 2. Please see Mrs. Vazquez if you wish to redo any assessment.

Monday- Unit 4A Test- Stem-changing preterite verbs, verbs that change meaning, and vocabulary

Tuesday- Introduce familiar (tu) commands.

Weds- Notes on Negative Tu commands. Click HERE to watch summary video.

Negative tu commands- notes Nov. 1

Thursday- Day of the Dead Celebration

Friday- Negative (tu) commands, Formative Quiz (Grammar)!

October 31

Spanish I Week At a Glance (Oct 30)

This week we have a lot going on! We have just finished the first part of Unit 4 . This week’s plan is as follows:

Monday- Introduce E:I stem-changing verbs and Irregular Yo Verbs.

Tuesday- Practice with Stem-changing verbs; Introduce Unit 4 Speaking Assessment

Weds.- More practice with stem-changers

Thursday- Day of the Dead Celebrations

Friday- Unit4B Formative Quiz

Monday- Review

Tuesday- Student Holiday

Weds- Unit 4B Test!

October 23

Spanish I Week at a Glance ( Week of Oct. 23)

This week we have continued with Unit 4: Los Pasatiempos. Please see below for this week’s schedule.

Monday- review IR A Infinitive, Take notes on Stem-Changing Verbs, Vocabulary Practice [HW: Complete Stem-Changing Verb WKST]


Weds- Formative Quiz- vocab and Stem-changing verbs

Thursday- Review for Test

Friday- 4A Mini-Test


October 23

Spanish II Week at a Glance (Week of Oct. 23)

Last week we finished up Unit 3 with the Oral Presentations. If you have NOT turned this in, it is considered late and needs to be turned in ASAP! If you recorded your project, please email to [email protected]

This week we have begun Unit 4: En la Vivienda. We are continuing with el Preterito.

Monday- Finished Notes on Irregular Preterite, grammar and vocab practice

Tuesday- Review all Irregular Preterite verbs

Wednesday- Formative Quiz (Vocab and Grammar)

Thursday- Listening, Reading Practice

Friday- 4A Open-Note Quiz- Study for 4A Mini-Test!!!!

Monday- 4A Mini-Test (*** For this Unit, we will only have 2 tests; 4A and 4B Mini-Exams)


October 16

Spanish I Week at a Glance (Oct 16-20)

This week in Spanish 1 we are wrapping up Unit 3 and starting Unit 4. See below for the weekly schedule:

Monday- Review for Unit 3 Cumulative Exam (Please check your answers below)


Tuesday- Unit 3 Cumulative Exam

Wednesdays- Turn in Performance Assessment

Thursday- Start Unit 4, Introduce the verb IR- to go.

Watch this video for reviewing [IR A Place]. Click HERE.

Watch this video for reviewing [IR A Infinitive]. Click HERE.

Friday- Review/ Practice Unit 4 Vocabulary

October 16

Spanish II Week at a Glance (Oct 16-20)

This week is a busy week full of assessments! Please see the schedule below:

Monday- Review for Unit 3B Test and work on Oral Assessments

Key for 3B Test Review

Tuesday- Unit 3B Test

Wednesday- Review for U3 Cumulative Exam and Work on Projects


Thursday– Unit 3 Cumulative Exam

Friday– Present Oral Assessments in class.

Last week I gave all students a summary of their grades. Any failing assessment may be retaken to earn points back. Please see me to schedule a make up date.

Learning Link (free tutoring service) is available to all students on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:45- 5:30 pm. Please see Mrs. Vazquez for more information.

October 9

Spanish II Week at a Glance (Week of October 9th)

This week in Spanish II we will be focusing on the Preterite tense. We just finished up Unit 3A today with the 3A mini-test.

Monday, October 9th– Unit 3A test; introduced regular preterite tense. [HW- complete practice worksheet from class]

Tuesday, October 10th- more practice with preterite; finish notes on irregular verbs, review vocabulary

Wednesday, October 11th- Thursday, October 13th- Formative Vocabulary/Grammar Quiz

Friday, October 12th- 3B Open- Note Quiz.

Next Week- Unit 3B Mini-test!

Free tutoring is available to you on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:45-5:30 pm. This Thursday is cancelled due to Early Release!