September 17

Spanish III Updates (Week of 9/17-9/21)

This week in Spanish III we are continuing with Subjunctive.

9/17 Monday- Introduced 4.1 Subjunctive with Emotions, Handed out Unit Oral Presentation (Due Oct 3rd)

9/18 Tuesday- Review subjunctive and work on projects

9/19 Wednesday- Introduce 4.2 Subjunctive; do p.144 Act 1

9/20 Thursday – Review all subjunctive

9/21 Friday- Rough Draft Due for Projects; 2B Classwork

Oct 1- Review for 2B Quiz

Oct 2- 2B Quiz

Oct 3- Oral Presentations Due

Oct 4- Unit 2 Exam

Oct 5- Start Unit 3

September 17

Spanish II Updates (Week of 9/17-9/21)

This week in Spanish II we are finishing up Unit 2: De Compras. Below is a schedule for the week!

Monday [9/17]- Review over SER & Estar and DOPs (skills check), Unit 2B Open- Note Quiz

Tuesday [9/18]- Students will work on Rough Draft for Unit 2 Project and complete vocab practice handout.

Wednesday [ 9/19]- Work on Unit 2 Projects and turn in Rough Draft! Review for Test!

Thursday [9/20]- Unit 2B Test!

Friday [9/21]- Start Unit 3; Turn in Rough Draft


Oral Project Due Oct 3rd! 


September 7

SP III – updates (9/7-9/14)

VHL Assignments

For Unit 2 you will have 18 assignments to complete on The deadline is Oct 2nd; if you do not complete these assignments on time, 10 pts will be deducted. This is a classwork grade (completion).

9/12 – Quiz A Review  (10%)

9/14- Prueba A (20%)

9/21- Quiz B Review (10%)

10/2- Prueba B (20%)

10/4 – Examen (55%)

August 22

Creating a VHL Account

If you are new to Wheeler or have never used the VHL Central app, you will need to create a new account. If you do not know how to create an account, you can clip on the “Help” button and it will have instructional videos. is the online resource that accompanies the book we will be using in class.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on “Create an Account” – If you already have an account, go to step 4.

Step 3- Add School “Wheeler High School”

Step 4- Add Course

a. For Spanish III- click on the Descubre 2 (orange) book and click on SP III 2nd period.

b. For Spanish II- click on the Descubre 1 (red) book and click on SP II 3rd or SP II 4th period.

August 20

Spanish II FAQs

Spanish II FAQs

  • What is the grade breakdown for the course?

Formative- Daily Work- 10%

Formative- Quizzes- 20%

Summative- Tests and Projects- 55%

Summative- Final Exam- 15%

  • Will there be an EOC for the course? No, you will not have an EOC but you will have a Final Exam.
  • What is your make-up/ retake policy for assignments?

If you are absent, the school policy applies to daily work and make-up work. Please understand that the course does move at a fast pace and it is best to turn in/make-up assignments as soon as possible. If you are absent on the day of a project, you must make sure that the project is turned in by the due date (If the project is to be presented in class, it is due the day you return to class.). If you are absent on the day of a quiz/test, you will be responsible for making up that quiz/test the day you return.

You will be able to retake a failed Test, and earn up to an 80, but you must retake the quiz before or after school. There will be NO test corrections. Be sure to study and prepare for your tests ahead of time.

  • Is there an online resource that goes with the book? Please enroll in the online course through (you should already have an account set up from Spanish I). If you have never set up an account, you will need to do that first. If you already have an account, you will just need to sign up for the course. Be sure to click on the Descubre 1 book and enroll in the course titled “SP II 3rd or SP II 4th ” based off the class period. You will be responsible for completing online activities on your own time. These assignments will count as 2 Daily Grades (10%). Your grade will be based on completion of activities.


  • What is the cell-phone policy for the class? You should not have your phone out during instructional time, unless you are instructed to do so. You will also not be able to use your phones on quizzes or tests. During tests, you will be instructed to put your phone on the desk, face down. If you touch your phone during a quiz or test, you will be assumed cheating and will receive a zero on the assignment along with a formal office referral.


1st offense- warning

2nd offense- call home

3rd offense- detention

4th offense- Discipline referral


  • What is the general curriculum plan per unit?

Each unit is divided into two parts: part A and B. You will generally have a Formative Vocab and Grammar Quiz (10%), Open-Note Quiz (20%), Project (20%) and  2 Unit Tests (55%). You will also have to complete the VHL assignments, which count as 2 daily grades.  Generally, there is at least 1 graded assignment per week.


  • Where can I access your class blog? Please visit the faculty and staff web page to access my blog.



May 8

Updates May 14-18

Monday- Senior Finals! – Final Project (Underclassman)

Tuesday- Senior Finals! – Final Project (Underclassman)

Weds- Final Exam Review

Thurs- Final Exam Review

Friday- Final Exam Review


May 3

Weekly Updates May 7th-11th

Monday- 5A Packet # 2 due! Unit 5A test covering food vocabulary and comparisons

Tuesday- Take Notes on Gustar

Weds- Practice with Gustar

Thursday- Practice with Gustar

Friday-  Open-Note Quiz 5B; Start Final Project- Due May 16th

Next week students will be reviewing for Final Exam!

April 27

Weekly Updates for April 30th- May 4th

This week is the last week to retake Unit 4A exam! If you wish to retake 4A or 4B test, please see Mrs. Vazquez. Retakes are after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:45-5:00pm in the cafeteria. 

Monday- Review comparisons of inequality and equality. Go over irregular comparisons.

Listening activity- vocab practice

*Tonight’s HW : pg 91 Act 1 in workbook and 1/2 sheet vocab practice. 

Tuesday- Review ALL comparisons! Unit 4 Video Project Due! D1.4_OralPresentation_2018-11as4bi

Hand out 5A Packet # 2 [ Due Monday, May 7th]

Weds.- Skills check on Comparisons

Thursday- 5A Open- Note Quiz

Friday- 5A Mini- Test- This has been moved to Monday. 

Review the verb “Gustar”