May 8

Updates May 14-18

Monday- Senior Finals! – Final Project (Underclassman)

Tuesday- Senior Finals! – Final Project (Underclassman)

Weds- Final Exam Review

Thurs- Final Exam Review

Friday- Final Exam Review


May 3

Weekly Updates May 7th-11th

Monday- 5A Packet # 2 due! Unit 5A test covering food vocabulary and comparisons

Tuesday- Take Notes on Gustar

Weds- Practice with Gustar

Thursday- Practice with Gustar

Friday-  Open-Note Quiz 5B; Start Final Project- Due May 16th

Next week students will be reviewing for Final Exam!

April 27

Weekly Updates for April 30th- May 4th

This week is the last week to retake Unit 4A exam! If you wish to retake 4A or 4B test, please see Mrs. Vazquez. Retakes are after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:45-5:00pm in the cafeteria. 

Monday- Review comparisons of inequality and equality. Go over irregular comparisons.

Listening activity- vocab practice

*Tonight’s HW : pg 91 Act 1 in workbook and 1/2 sheet vocab practice. 

Tuesday- Review ALL comparisons! Unit 4 Video Project Due! D1.4_OralPresentation_2018-11as4bi

Hand out 5A Packet # 2 [ Due Monday, May 7th]

Weds.- Skills check on Comparisons

Thursday- 5A Open- Note Quiz

Friday- 5A Mini- Test- This has been moved to Monday. 

Review the verb “Gustar”




April 25

Updates for Week of April 23- 27

This week is the last week to retake 4A Test; please see Mrs. Vazquez if you wish to retake this test.

Monday- 4B Test;

Unit 5 Vocab- fill out using p. 298 in textbook

Students will read chapter 3 in the story “La Familia Miranda”. LaFamiliaMiranda_Ch1-7-1mwezqx

[There will be a test over the short story on Friday, April 27th!]

Tuesday– Go over new vocab; students will complete pg 264-265 in textbook.

Hand out Chapter 4 Project. [Rough Draft due on Friday, April 27th]

Weds– Go over new vocab; review pg. 264-265

Introduce comparisons of inequality; students will create a poster of 6 sentences comparing foods.

Work on Unit 4 Project Rough Draft

Thursday– [Sub plans] Finish reading story and answer questions. Complete vocab packet from Tuesday.

Friday- complete notes on Comparisons of inequality; Mini-Test over Short Story “La Familia Miranda”. 

Story Packets are Due! If you don’t turn them in today it will be 20 pts off on Monday!

Turn in Rough Draft for project. 




April 19

Updates for Week of April 16-20

Tuesday is the last day to retake any Unit 3 Assessments; please see Mrs. Vazquez if you wish to retake a Unit 3 Test.

Please see the schedule below for this week:

Monday- Unit 4A Test- summative

Tuesday- Introduce Irregular Yo verbs and E:I stem-changers.

4B Notes- 4B Grammar-1qs29x9

[Do p. 45 Act 1 & 2 for HW]

Weds- Vocab Bingo, listening activity, Review E:I verbs.

[Do p. 43 Act 1 & 2 for HW]

Thursday- Review HW, go over grammar ppt., E:I Stem-changers skills check (formative), La familia Miranda reading (chapter 1), 4B Test review

[4B Test review is due on Friday, April 20th; next week we will have a mini-test over the reading packet!]

Friday-  Vocab Review Game, 4B Open-Note Quiz (formative)

[ Study for 4B Test on Monday, April 23rd ]


** If you wish to retake Unit 4A test; please see Mrs. Vazquez.


April 9

Updates for Week of April 9-13th

Welcome back!

I hope that everyone had a very restful Spring Break! Can you believe we only have 33 days left of school! It is very important that all students are managing their schedules closely as we start to close out this Spring semester.

This week students will be taking their Spanish I Mid-Term; it will cover material from Units 1-3. Students were given a review packet, which was due on Monday, April 9th. 

(*** Students will not be allowed to turn this packet in for a late grade; it will remain a zero if it was not turned in by the given due date!)

Click HERE to access the Midterm Review Guide ANSWER key!

Schedule for the Week:

Monday- Mid-Term Review

Tuesday- Mid-Term!

Weds- Skills check 4A

Thursday- Review 4A

Friday- 4A Open-Note Quiz

Students were given an April and May Calendar which summarizes all upcoming quiz and test dates. 

March 30

Updates Week of March 26- 30

This is the last week to retake any assessments from Unit 1 or Unit 2. Please check your grades on ParentVue to see if you need to retake any of these assessments.

If you are failing, please be sure to attend Learning Links after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the cafeteria! This is a great opportunity for you to improve your grades in the course.

Monday- Review 4A Vocabulary, Introduce the verb IR (to go)

Tuesday- Review 4A Vocabulary, Introduce Stem-changing verbs

Weds- Friday- Work on Mid-Term Review Packets

Please see the attached schedules for April and May!

April Calendar 2018-2fy6mzx

May Calendar 2018-1pul756

Hope you have a wonderful Spring Break!

March 20

Updates for week of March 19-23

This week we will be wrapping up Unit 3. If you have any missing work from Unit 3A, please get that turned in to Mrs. Vazquez ASAP.  Late work from Unit 3 will not be accepted after Spring Break!

Monday– Turn in classwork from Friday, March 16th, Review er/ir verbs, Notes over Yo- Go verbs, Introduce Unit 3 Project [Due March 27th]. 

-HW: Complete pg. 31 Act 1 and p.32 Act 3 in your red workbook

Tuesday- Go over HW, watch Fotonovela [chapter 1], complete and turn in part B of Project Rough Draft, complete classwork [ar/er/ir verb practice]

-HW- Complete front and back of classwork

Wednesday- 3B Open-Note Quiz, complete and turn in part C of Project Rough Draft

-HW- study vocabulary for test

Thursday-  Review for test, complete and turn in part D of Project Rough Draft

-HW- study for test

Friday- 3B Test

-HW- work on project over the weekend

*** Don’t forget that your Unit 3 Project is due on March 27th. Late points will be deducted.

*** Missed tests can be take after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays during Learning Links [in the cafeteria]. 


March 13

Updates Week of March 12-16

Please see below for this week’s schedule:

Monday- Test review!!!!! [Homework: Study for Test!]

Tuesday- Chapter 3A test! , Notes on Tener

Weds- Practice with Tener, Notes on ER/IR Verbs

Thursday- Practice with ER/IR verbs, Tener Expressions

Friday- Notes on Venir

Next week we will be implementing all grammar concepts taught in class this week. Students should expect a skills check and a quiz towards the end of the week. The cumulative exam will be given the week before Spring Break!

Don’t forget to take advantage of Learning Links [ free tutoring service] which takes place every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon in the cafeteria!