Reading Log


I have attached a copy of the required Reading Log that is due at the beginning of class on Monday each week! Ten points off for every day it is late!


Students- be sure to write 2-3 complete sentences (that are grammatically correct) for each summary/ reflection, and be mindful of proper capitalization/ punctuation usage!


Please email me if you have any questions!


[email protected]



Ms. Weitz 🙂


Reading Log- 8th Grade Reading-2k8wrlq

8th Grade Reading Classes

Hi everyone!!

We will be using The Reader’s Journey student textbook this year, in addition to NewsELA articles (current event articles)! If students are absent, they know it’s their responsibility to ask me for make-up work/ assignments!

If there are any questions at ANY time, please don’t hesitate to email me: [email protected]

Also, please refer to my syllabus/ grading system if there are any questions or concerns:


Grading in my class is weighted as follows:

  • Summatives (major tests, projects):  50%
  • Formatives (quizzes, journals, portfolios, classwork, ticket-out-the-doors, etc.):  40%
  • Reading Counts, homework, binder/ material checks: 10%


Let’s have a great year!! 🙂





Updated Grading System

Just an FYI: the following is how I will grade all future assignments:

  • Summatives (major tests, projects): 50%  
  • Formatives (quizzes, journals, portfolios, classwork, ticket-out-the-doors, etc.): 40% 
  • Reading Counts, homework, binder/ material checks: 10%


  • Homework every night – read 30 minutes a day! 
  • Get parents or guardians to sign/ initial your logs! 🙂 I will collect weekly reading logs each Monday at the very beginning of class!


Me Bag Project and Weekly Reading Logs

*The “Me Bag” project is due this Friday, August 17th. Please review the rubric on the back of the two-sided sheet to see exactly how I’ll be scoring each project/ presentation! Be as creative as possible!

*Additionally, students are responsible for reading their independent reading book(s) for at least 30 minutes each night. Parents/ guardians: please sign or initial their reading logs each night, indicating that your child has read for the required amount of time. I will be collecting reading logs every Monday morning at the beginning of class.

Let’s have a great and productive 2018-2019 school year!


Me Bag Project-2euldwm 

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