Project over Fall Break Due Monday Oct. 1

I have attached the project for students to complete over the Fall Break. Students had the entire class period on Friday to begin the project and it should be completed over the break and ready to turn in on Monday October 1 when we return. ****On the back of the project students should write a half page summary explaining what they have drawn.**** (This is to be completed on 1 plain white sheet of copy paper please no large poster sizes)

American revolution protest poster-1atwa7g

9-4-18 to 9-7-18

this week in social studies.

Tuesday- Flashback Quiz over the trustee period of Georgia

Wednesday- Notes to finish the trustee period and a class work assignment and wat h Georgia Stories videos from and record facts as totd

Thursday- fill out graphic organizer on trustee period as well as the royal governors of Georgia and slavery


Milestones Review Study Guide

Milestones Resource Study Guie 8th Grade

This link will direct you to the 8th grade Georgia Milestones Study Guide Resource. It includes all subject areas Math, Science, ELA, and Social Studies.

We will be working on the social studies section in class this week and on Monday before testing. Testing begins on Tuesday April 10th. If students cannot finish in time during class they may access the online resource here.

September 6-9

This week we are continuing Unit 3 on Georgia’s Colonization.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be dedicated to England’s 13 colonies: Students must complete a graphic organizer on the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies along with questions about each including a short response paragraph. Also students will complete a map of the 13 colonies color coding the New England, Middle, and Southern ones.

Thursday Students will be assigned a person or group from the colonization of Georgia. They will create a “trading” card for their person or group and will then move about the class, taking notes on the other persons/groups on a graphic organizer.

Friday Students will view a PowerPoint of all of the Trading Card people/groups. The class will discuss the significance of each person/group. They will then be asked to pretend they were creating a new colony in North America. They will have to make a plan as to who they would bring and why, and what supplies they would need.

Aug. 29- Sep.2

This week students will be working in groups to complete a poster representing 1 of six different topics

1.reasons for Spanish colonization in Georgia

2.reasons for French colonization in Georgia

3.reasons for English colonization in Georgia.

4.information on De Soto colonizing Georgia

5. information about the Protestants who colonized in Georgia

6. information about the Spanish missions that took place in Georgia

Each group will be assigned one topic from above, and will have Monday and Tuesday to complete their poster. Each group will present on Wednesday and all groups will take notes and classmates’ presentations.

Students will be using the coach books and articles that I have  found on these topics to collaborate with their group members during those two class periods.

Thursday and Friday students will be completing a 13 colonies handout using a class set of articles.

August 24

Leading up to this week we have been talking about Georgia’s geography and the early native Americans who occupied Georgia. Students have completed a P.A.W.M. (paleo, archaic, woodland, mississippian indians) graphic organizer as well as completed an I.D.M. (Inquiry design model) on the PAWM indians. Today we had our first unit test and the rest of this week will be utilized to introduce unit 3 Georgia’s colonization.

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